Another leaky basement, new problem.

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Question Another leaky basement, new problem.

I just bought a house in sw va. And for the first time: a house with a basement. After the first good rainfall and many after, I noticed water in the back right corner of the basement. (The walls have been painted throughout the basement.) I have been told that I need to install a sump pump. I am working on the grading of the lawn and it has seem to help some but not all the way. I do have the downspouts from the gutters in pvc running away from the house. I don't think water is coming from below due to a high water table. I live in the mountains and not near any rivers or lakes.

My questions are, since I never had a basement and/or a sump pump before: Is a sump pump necessary? Where do I install a sump pump (location)? How do I get a hole in the concrete floor? If I need to use a jack hammer, how do I use it without cracking the floor? Finally, how do I get the water to flow towards the sump pump and nowhere else?

Thanks and any help would be appreciated.
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Yes, you probably need a sump pump. I think that since you are not familiar with sump pumps and their installation, it would be better if you had it professionally installed. It is not an easy job.
Wet, dirty, muddy, and more. You put the sump in the lowest part of the basement floor. Usually in one corner so it is out of the way. Here again a pro will know exactly where to install it with one look. Yes, you will need a jack hammer. The hole will be about 24' in diameter and about 2' or more deep. This will give you some food for thought.
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Smile thanks

Just wanted to say thanks for the advice for my basement. I will be talking to contractors about the work soon. I will keep you updated. Thanks again.
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Question new walls in basement

Now that I have solved the problem with the water in the basement (I had a sump pump installed and drain tile put under the floor with 6 mil plastic on the concrete block wall), I am ready to put up new walls and have a few questions.

1. How do I prevent mold from building up behind the new walls?
2. Is there a product out there that I can add to paint or spray on the 2x6 laying on top of the concrete blocks?
3. Should I use pressure-treated wood for the floor joists and the studs? Throughout the whole room or just along the wall where the water came in?

When I tore down the existing panelling, I found mold behind it along the wall where the water was coming in. And I want to make sure that it doesn't come back. Also, there wasn't any plastic up or insulation behind the panelling.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Do you feel like sharing the costs of sump pump and installation? thanks.
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Here in SW Va it cost us 800 to have the basement floor dug up around the perimeter of the two back walls, french drains set in and have a sump pump installed in the corner.
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Now that you have a sump pump and drains your basement should be dry and no worries about dampness.

I have water coming in to my basement through the window frame, when the did the weeping tile they put some of the clay back overtop under the window. When there is a rain storm the window well fills up and leaks into the basement.

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