sealant peels off after 2 days

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sealant peels off after 2 days

I applied two coats of the basement sealer on an unfinished basement floor. Before the application of the sealer, I had cleaned and scraped as much of the unfinished floor as I could do -- problem is after the sealant dried off, there are several spots where the sealant is coming off the floor -- much like a thin sheet of paper exposing the unfinished floor below it. Would rescraping those portions of the floor and recoating at the spots help or do I need to do something else for this not to recur in the future? Thanks!!
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Not sure why you are sealing your basement floor nor what exactly you ahd to scrape as that is not an unfinished basement floor unless we are talking a new home. Read this article I wrote awhile back,

"Well here are a couple of options to your question as long as we donít need to be concerned about color. Each can easily be done. I agree that all concrete lets off cement dust every time you sweep and walk on it.

Bear in mind that if at anytime you desire to use ceramic tile or self stick vinyl or glued down carpet, that the floor will require a process called etching. This chemical cleaning process cuts the sealers and prepares the concrete for sound adhesion.

Etching can be done for basements or garages by most do-it-yourselfers by first degreasing the surface with detergent and water. One method to use once this is done, is to mix 1 part muriatic acid to 3 parts water. Use gloves,long sleeve shirt and goggles as this will harm your skin. Ventilate well. Then rinse with clear water and let it dry.

The other method of etching is using Sulfamic acid which is in a powder. This is dissolved when poured into hot water. Much less dangerous to work with than the other acids as that of muriactic acid and the best choice. Mix one pound of Sulfamic Acid with 1 gallon of hot water to treat 300 square feet of concrete.

So if you want to etch it, then you can either apply the below sealers or apply epoxy paint which costs more than sealers but you have color options available.

1. An inexpensive approach is to use a pump up pressure weed sprayer. Buy some concrete sealer and apply a thin spray mist over your floor. Let this dry, ventilate accordingly.

2. For an easier maintainable floor as the sealers will wear out in time depending on what you are doing is to use a clear moisture cure Polyurethane product. The secret is to cut a standard product with about 5% thinner and let it soak into the floor. It will seal the floor making it easy to clean but again won' t help the looks. The urethane should just soak into the floor, ensure that no puddles are on the surface. You may have to adjust the thinner to obtain the proper dilution. The fumes from the urethane may be a problem be sure to take precautions with proper ventilation.

If the sealer is peeling, another reason may be moisture coming from underneath the concrete (no vapor barrier) most products will only stand up to about 3 lbs of pressure."

Hope this helps!

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