Creaking attic


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Creaking attic

I recently moved into a 77-year-old, one-story, ranch-style home. I began hearing creaking noises coming from the attic my first night there. Especially when it's windy outside, I'll hear popping/creaking wood noises that last for a second or two and occur about five to 10 times a day. If I touch my hand against a wall behind me in the bedroom, I can actually feel the vibration as it makes these popping and creaking noises.

A couple people I've spoken to suggest it could be squirrels or other critters, but when I explain to them that this isn't a scratching, scurrying noise, they seem stumped (except for offering the usual "your house is haunted" jokes).

Since moving in, I've discovered several renovations to this house that have been made in the last three quarters of a century. The most obvious one was an archway wall that had been removed, which had separated the living room from the "dining room" (now I have one very large living room area). I entertained the idea that perhaps the owners from decades past had inadvertently knocked down crucial load-bearing walls...and that what I was hearing was my ceiling slowly collapsing...but then I begain wondering: do they even have load-bearing walls in a one-story house?

I have provided a few links below of photos of the house exterior and the attic. I'm not sure what additional help they can provide, but they're available if a knowledgeable person needs them to quickly draw his/her conclusions. Should I be hiring yet another house inspector? A contractor of some sort? Who would I need to consult about this? Thank you for your thoughts.

Photos (copy and paste):

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In all probability, what you are experiencing is what happens in older homes where wood dries and shrinks and joints be come loosened.
All exterior walls are considered to be load bearing. Interior load bearing walls are easily identified in the attic; If there allowable span occurs over it, if horizontal framing members end or are joined or continued over it and if roof braces end on it.
Your housing inspector should have noted any discrepancies, hopefully.
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Housing Inspector

You can call your local Building Inspector or hire a building inspector to help you resolve these issues.
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Creaking attic

May just be the framing lumber adjusting to changes in temperature and humidity throughout the day. The last two homes I have had made creaking and popping noises all the time (especially as the day warmed up and the evening cooled down)

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