Soffit around Duct & pipes


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Soffit around Duct & pipes

I was just wondering if anyone could detail how to build a soffit around a duct & pipes in a basement. I figured it would need to hang 11 inches below the floor joists, and will be around 54 inches wide in order to hide the duct & pipes that are in that area. this will be right in the middle of the rec/living room. Is it possible to just create the soffit from regular 2x4 studs?
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2x4's will be fine for framing in around your ductwork. It's nothing structural so It's pretty hard to screw-up too bad. Just be careful... don't drive your nails into any wiring or plumbing.
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Had a similar problem and did the following:
1. Ripped 2X4s in half (lenghtwise) to attach to the ceiling and form the bottom edges of the soffit.
2. Ripped good grade (ie. flat) 1/4" plywood in strips the hieght of the soffit (11" X 8').
3. Attched ripped 2/4s (ie. now 2X2s+) to the ceiling in a straight line.
4. Attached 2X2s to the bottom inside edge of the plywood and then nailed the plywood to the 2X2 on the ceiling to form the sides fo the soffit. (Offset the bottom 2X2 so a plywood section will overlap the 2X2 on the bottom edge of the adjacent section in order to make overlapping joints between 8 foot sections)
5. Used 2X4s (24" OC) across the bottom to join the two sides together.
6. Covered the soffit with 1/2" sheet rock, taped and finished, and painted.

Good luck
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To save some space, I have also not put the 2X4's under the ducts. Just bridge the "ladders" on either side of the ducts with drywall. Worked great and was 1.5 inches more headroom. Just need to make the "ladders" as stiff as possible. Using all 2x4's is one way.
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Don't let your framing or drywall touch the ducting. You may get some rattles if there is any vibration in the duct. If you are trying to get absolutley every bit of headroom and want to have the drywall touch the duct; put some blobs of caulk or construction adhesive between the drywall and duct so keep them from rattling or squeeking.

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