attic insulation question, how to add and even


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attic insulation question, how to add and even

When I bought my house, the inspector said that I need to level out the attic insulation and clear the insulation off soffets. Apparently, the insulation was low in some spots. At the time, I figured I had blown in insulation, but instead I have rolled. Can you roll insulation on top of old? Or can I blow insulation over the rolled? I have to admit ignorance here in any aspect of insulation, so I could use any advice you can give. I have a 1000 sqare foot ranch. The area has one access through a closet. I do not use it for anything, and I never will. I just want to make sure it is adequately insulated. Should I be looking to make sure the insulation comes up to the edge of the beams that are going across the attic? Then it should be off all soffets and baffles should be placed over soffets?

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as long as the old is in good shape (dry, not compressed) you can lay new over it. cover everything except the soffit, as you said, and by baffles i assume u mean under-soffit vents, so yes you'll need to install those, they're easier to install if cut in half, so you can still tuck the insulation under them, and they still provide plenty of air unless of course your ridge vent is 3 times the size of a normal one . Seriously though, sounds like you had it down, just needed reassurance before spending time and money...and their's nothing wrong with that.
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Thanks...I appreciate the help
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Home Depot and Lowes have the foam rafter vents to slip over over the insulation so air can get up from the vents in the over hang. Id blow cellulose over what you have now. that way you can level it out. If you do use roll insulation dont get any with paper on it at all to go over what you have now. Make sure you have all the vent you need up there.


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