Excavating&Installing New Basement


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Excavating&Installing New Basement

Well, here's the thing:
I want to put an addition on to my house.
I am capable of doing most of the work myself.
However, I am looking for innovative or new ways to keep costs down without violating code and to make things easier for me on those things I have never done before.
For instance:
Excavating the new basement.
I can rent a mini shovel / excavation machine (I forget what its called, but my friendly rental place has one and they tell me it will do the job), and dig out the new basement. But, I have never done this before, so, is that the best way to go in terms of cost and convenience?
I can dig out and pour the concrete footings - but, again, I never poured footing for an 20 x 40 addition before, only basic 42" frost footings for support posts for additions. Is there a secret here I don't know.
Then, I get into the best way to form the walls.
I could lay block, but it would take me awhile and I'm not as young as I used to be.
I could buy the pink insulation forms and pour concrete, but is that actually more expensive?
I could do the whole thing in green treated foundation plywood because I understand wood, but does green treat really work and is it going to be cheaper than concrete or block?

Now as I continue upwards from the 2x6 framing to the trusses and laminate beams to the sheathing, etcetera, all of which I have done and understand better than the foundation, I am trying to research what is new? Inexpensive? Convenient? Things I do not know about. Any ideas?
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I have some pics that might help give you an idea of whats involved http://members.shaw.ca/hackers/pics1.html
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Outstanding pictures.
But, unfortunately, they don't really tell me what I am trying to figure out.
Are you a professional at cinder block laying?
If not, how long did it take you to procure; mix the mud; lay the block; and what was the expense?
You see, I am trying to figure out me (or my helper) doing the work laying block or pouring concrete or green treat or whatever...
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I had never laid a block before we started. I had a freind who had done some block laying to stop by and get us started. All of the mud was mixed by hand in a wheelbarrow. A mortar mixer would have been nice, but we wern't laying the block fast enough to need it. It took me a month or so to lay the block, but i have a messed up back, so i was pretty slow. Laying block is actually very easy, if you are set up properly with scaffolding etc.

As far as cost, the block (1400 of them) cost about $4000 Canadian, including all the sand and mortar mix. Bring a plan to your block supplier for a quote. Explain your situation, and they should be able to help with the required materials and tools. They may even know of a good block layer to help you out. A guy laying block on the side here typically charges $1 per block to lay them.

If you have any other questions, just ask.
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I should also mention that i went 13 courses of block high, which made a wall that is 8'8" tall. I have roughly 120 linear feet of wall, with roughly 850 square feet of inside area. This info is just so you can roughly translate my costs to your project.
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thank you darren. This is actually quite useful.
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