Possible basement mold question

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Possible basement mold question

Just took down my basement ceiling in order to re-due with a drop ceiling. I did not like all my water pipes covered up with sheet rock. I noticed the underside of my sub-floor in spots is turning black (not dark, almost dark grey) or discolored. The house is over 50 years old. Is this normal aging wood or possible mold. If it is mold what do you do about it..

quick background info. I bought the house a year ago. the basement was finished. I took it all apart drywall - framing - floor and ceiling because it was getting old. behind the drywall on the walls I found some spots of black mold on the backs of the boards. Since then I have been obsessed with mold.
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Pretty difficult to identify mold without actually seeing it. Sometimes you

need a professional to do a lab test on it. Sometimes the wood just turns

dark from old water stains above. If you don't happen to have any good

references for a mold-guy, I would ask an experienced realtor in your area.

they usually have a well stocked ''rolodex'' with names of people like that.

When you first inquire though, be sure to specify that you didn't buy your

house through them. The idea of mold in one of their previous listings may

induce panic if they mistakenly believe the call to be from a disgruntled

former client.
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well thats good just obsessed with Mold 'Cause it can really hurt you and with Black mold could possible even kill you if there is enough of it and you in that situation for a long period of time.

as far as your question goes

is that area wet or damp?

now the spot you are referring to does this dark area rub off at all or "Smell" like mold.....

rub your finger across it and see if you have any residue on your finger if so give it a quick whiff*** then you'll know for sure.

the good thing is that your ceiling is down and it can breath again and dry up if it is damp.

I would get a spray bottle filled with "Bleach" and saturate that area to kill the Mold if that is what it is..

do you have a Damn basement to start with?

If so I would seal the walls and floors with a good concrete sealer and Maybe have a dehumidifier down there..

Good Luck.
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The Mold on the back of the sheet rock was black and slimmy but did not really have a moldy smell. the basement in general and the ceiling does not have a moldy smell to me at all. and nothing rubs off on the ceiling. The basement is somewhat damp. Its not wet I dont get water. I have a dehumidifier running now and a fan to move air. Will any mold that I cannot see that might still be there be killed just by drying it out and moving the air..??
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as far as being Black and slimmy it could be mold
Or it could even be "Pipe Soap' or remnants of a wax ring. etc..

I would Definately saturate the Area with bleach and keep the air circulating.......

Mold goes through dormant types of stages depending on how long the area has been opened and Really need to Bleach it..........

I come across this Problem quite a Bit Living in Florida "Mold Capital"
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Just Dirt?

I have an old house with dirt on the wood in the basment. I think it's just dirt from being 75 years old. Especially, if your house has/had a coal chute, that may be it.

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