Framing Basement Wall Around Pipe

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Framing Basement Wall Around Pipe

I'm in the process of framing my basement walls using 2x4's and have run into an issue along one of the walls. There is a pipe that vents the hotwater heater to the outside that runs along the top of this wall and is hung from the joists. With the pipe in the way, it will prevent me from attaching a top plate directly to the joists. I don't want to move the wall out to clear the pipe because I'll lose around 12 inches of floor space.

Can I simply build a shorter wall beneath the pipe and box around the pipe (using two short 2x4's in an "L" shape) and attach the wall to this frame? Will this provide enough support?

Thanks for the help!
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Its hard here cant draw it. I take it this pipe is not hot or if B gas vent pipe stay 1" away from it .Now run the bottom plate right alone the wall as is. stop the top plate right before the pipe now put a stud there go on past the pipe put a stud in the wall at that end of the pipe. Now just cut a 2X to fit from one stude to the other. Put it in about 1"
down from the pipe. Fill in short studs then from it down to the bottom plate. Go for the 2x4 L you talked about . nail it to a stude and into a joist above and out from th pipe.

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Thanks Ed. The thing I didn't explain fully in my original post was that the pipe runs the entire length of the 15 foot wall and I plan to build my 2x4 wall about 3 inches from the foundation (because of a cut drain and space for thick insulation etc.). I just want to make sure that it is OK to use the "L" frame as the only means of attaching this wall to the joists. It will also be anchored to the floor and adjacent walls. Hopefully this description makes sense....
Thanks again for your insight and for your patience.
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vent pipe

A 15' horizontal run of vent pipe from a water heater is unusual. It depends

on the height of the chimney pipe it attaches to, but I would check with a

qualified mechanical contractor to be sure there's enough draft to make

this work safely. As the last poster said, this pipe, once it's concealed

inside a wall or partition, needs to be a ''B'' vent, a double walled pipe, not

the usual single wall vent pipes normally used in an exposed area.

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