Tools to buy/rent

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Tools to buy/rent

Hey everyone,

I'm finishing plans and about to submit for permits. I'd like your ideas on tools that are must haves (to buy) versus ones that are best to rent for a typical basement job. I don't do a ton of construction around the home.

For this project, I'm doing everything except rough plumbing, final plumbing, and electrical connections to the panel.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you have -- especially for things which make the job go much easier.

To Buy/Own
drill with drywall countersink
level, square
plumb bob
tin snips
wire cutter/stripper
needlenose pliers
shop vac
multimeter/circuit tester
utility knife
screwdrivers etc.

To Rent
Drywall ceiling lift
Drywall foot lift
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I would add an air compressor, you'll be able to use it even if just to air your car tires up. Porter cable has a good little one that comes with a couple finish nailers which you will like having when you do trim. A good framing nailer helps. They are a little expensive and I can't see you using it when you are done so you may want to rent that. Although, it may be better to buy one, use it and then sell in on ebay.
You'll need a saw. I like having both a circular saw and miter saw but you can get away with just a miter saw.
I finally bought me a roto zip for doing drywall and I don't know why I was so dumb and didn't get one sooner. I would highly recommend one, I almost enjoyed drywalling for the first time.
I use cordless drills a lot so I would recommend one of those. You can get away with a corded one though.
Off the top of my head I can't think of anything else that would be absolutely needed.
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Power tools...the more you use them, the more you use them.

I find that if I buy a tool, I start to wonder how I lived without it.

I'm planning a basement finish project and went ahead and bought an air compressor, a refurb framming nailer and two finish nailers. I thought I'd only use the framming nailer for actual framming, but already built almost 12 feet of shelving using 2x4s that I did in about 3 hours total. I can't figure out how I lived without it. It was WAY faster than hand nailing.

Same thing, I bought a portable table saw to cut down MDF shelving for the bedroom and have a found tons of other projects that I can just set it up, and cut away.

I bought a router and router table pretty much on a lark, but have ended up using it extensively.

I second the cordless drills. I just bought an 18 volt for about $20.00 more than just a replacement battery for my 14.4 volt.

Now that I have the tools, I see a LOT more projects that I can do in a lot less time and a MUCH nicer job.

I think you should buy as many tools as you can afford.

Good luck with your project!
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For just around the home
drill with drywall countersink Also one that has slip clutch, V/S and reversible.
Dont see a tape there get a good 25' and a fifty'
Get a power hand saw and also a good compound miter saw.
ladder get a good 4' and a 8'

Drywall foot lift , take a 1X4 about 18" long, angle the front edge put a 1/2" small block back from the front edge.on the under side thats what we have used for years. Play with it, it works

For sure rent the drywall ceiling lift But Id put in a drop ceiling down there so you can get back into it for plumbing electric phone T/V move lights on and on .
For just the basement and I didnt take a crew home I sure would not take a air compressor or buy one for just this.

My -02 cents

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Thanks for the many cents everyone!! Great suggestions.

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