garage ventilation fan into attic


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garage ventilation fan into attic

I live in Phoenix Arizona, in a typical single story ranch house with attached garage and tile roof. In the summer when you pull a car into the garage the heat of the engine (that's been pushing air conditioning full blast) and the car body (that's been sitting outside being baked by the sun) raises the temperature in the garage to the point that you could make jerky by hanging beef stips from the ceiling. While this is convienent, I'd like to find a simple way to make the garage more comfortable in the summer and go back to using the solar cooker for my jerky. :-). Two thoughts I'd like comments on:
1) Adding a fan in the garage ceiling to move the hot air from the garage into the attic and out the roof vents. I'd add a grated intake vent from a shaded area of an outside wall of the garage, low on the wall to draw in the cooler air. I've seen some simple roof fans for about $50 that seem like they would do the job, and some gable vents I could install on the wall.
2) Adding insulation in the garage ceiling to prevent the superhot air in the attic from heating the garage through the ceiling, which currently has sheet rock, mud and paint on the ceiling and walls, but is uninsulated.
My concern with the insulation is that it will just trap that hot air from a car in the garage even better. I can't think of any concerns I have with adding the fan other then I've never seen it done, or heard of anyone doing it, so maybe there's a reason for that which I'm not smart enough to think of.
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I think you had better call code on this. If you had a fan that would blow up into the attic . That would mean you have a hole from the grage into the home lets say. that could let a fire from the garage get into the home. Id think a fan up high on the back wall blowing to the outside and let the garage door for the cars open about 6" At the bottom.

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