Framing done, can I still get permit??


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Question Framing done, can I still get permit??

Hi all! I'm new to this forum and I too am in the middle of finishing my basement. I wanted some advise on if I should request a permit now after I already framed most of the basement? I was told prior to starting that having a permit wasn't nessesary and I'm afraid that wasn't good advice after reading some posts prior to adding this one. Is it still possible to get a permit at this point without having to take down the framing I already put up?
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You should be ok at this point. Most places the framing inspection is the first one, so I wouldn't go any further than framing. Assuming your layout/design is approved and your framing meets code, you should be fine. Also, be forwarned that depending on where you are, you may be required to hire an electrician to do the electrical work. Some localities allow homeowners to do their own, but in my county for example, you have to be licensed to pull any trade permit (elec, plumbing, HVAC). Makes alot of sense to me , I can build the structure and have it fall down around me, but can't set a toilet on the roughed in toilet flange myself.

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lol Thanks Craig! I live in Illinois, U.S.A. not sure on what the codes are here? I have a brother in law that does plumbing and was looking to have him do it. As for electrical I was looking to hire someone for that.
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I'm not sure what the codes are where you are at, but in a lot of places they punish you by charging double the fee if you have already started the job.

Never heard of an area that wouldn't let home owners do all their own work, although most will inspect closer on diy jobs. Glad I don't live in your county.
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Building Permit

Yes, get in there and get your permit before going further. Just say you forgot to get one because you were too busy. You should take a drawing of your basement plans with you also. They will probably require one. Good Luck PS Don't forget your checkbook.
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I would call and check to see if you even need a permit. In some counties here, no permit is required to frame non-load bearing walls like in a basement. But if you want electric or plumbing in those walls a permit is required to add that.

Permit requirements vary widely from one county to the next so call them up. If they say one is needed, stop and go get it. As long as all you have done is the framing there is no way they can know you started without a permit unless you tell them.
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I live in Kane County
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And it varies in municipalities within the county. I'm in Tazewell, if I lived outside the village limits I would need a permit, but because I'm in the village, the county leaves it up to the village--who don't have the personel to mess with it, so I needed no permit to do a complete basement finish. Ah the joys of small town life.

But, if you go to your zoning office or city hall, if you're in city limits, you should be able to find out what if anything is required.
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I would apply for the permit now and just not mentioned that you started the work. Worst case, you might have to redo some framing that they had a problem with, but I would be surprised if they flagged something in the framing. I would check online and find out what the exact requirements of your city are.

We just got the permit for our basement remodel today. We live in Will county in Illinois and the town we live in is very particular. We have to use conduit throughout for the electrical and I had to pass a test and get a license with the city to do the electrical work. It took two weeks from application to getting the permit, which wasn't bad. We also had to pay for 6 inspections: rough structural framing, rough electrical, insulation, mechanicals, final electrical, and final structural.

One surprise is that if you do any remodeling on your home, you are required to meet the latest smoke detector code. So we have to install hard wired interconnected smoke detectors in all of the bedrooms. We hope to start framing next week.
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