idea for basement - your opinion?

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idea for basement - your opinion?

I have a basement with a sump pump. We have been here 1 year and it has flooded 3 times - all different reasons. I want to put a large closet downstairs, walls and ceiling..... My idea for the walls was to put cinder blocks down with maybe a small amount of concrete to set them to the floor, then build the walls off the cinder blocks. In the event that the basement floods again, it gives us the barrier for the wood and drywall not to get wet. My husband wants to put a full 2 - 4 inch additional flooring down in the area and build off that. It seems like a lot of work for about the same end result to not have the wood get wet..... he says my idea is crazy ...... I want it done sooner than later - my way, easier and quicker...... any thoughts? any potential problems screaming that we are not hearing? would my idea work? thanks!!! I need the closet space immediately!! Kim
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kimmic -

I think it all depends on how deep the water gets.

You will lose a LOT of ceiling height doing either of the ways you mention. PARTICULARY the cinder block method. I just don't think that method would work. You'd have to be very care to place enough to support the floor without any "bounce." Sounds like a lot of extra work to me.

I am in the process of finishing my basement. I too have a sump pump, but so far in the three years we've been there it has never flooded. I plan to use a product call dricore which is designed to lift the floor up by about 1/2 inch (7/8 total with the wood top) , using plastic feet, which allows water to still run to the sump. The bottom of the wood surface is covered with a moisture barrier. As long as you don't get more than about 1/2 inch of water, that's what I'd do.

If you regularly flood more than 1/2 inch, I'd really re-think doing the project at all. I think you're just asking for trouble.

Good luck. Let us know how it works out!
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Thanks Tom -

I will look into the dricore.....

Can't wait for my husband to get home to show him the plans for the basement I have drawn out today.... he's going to be so thrilled!!

Thanks again!!

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Kimmic, your idea to build the bottom portion of the walls with a couple courses of block will work fine. I know you did not mean to cover the entire floor with block, only to outline the walls. You can get blocks not much wider than a 2x4 to build the bottom of the wall. Still I'd use pt wood for the bottom plate even on the block just incase you do get water again or have some moisture issues with wicking up the blocks. Tile would make a good flooring choice in your situation. No vinyl. Think no way for moisture to get out--meaning mold and mildew. Your husband's idea would work, but not only would you loose head room, you would also mess up the rise of your steps which would not go over well with should you sell your house later on. Inspectors just hate inconsistant risers.
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idea for basement - your opinion?

Before doing the closet thing, take a look at the cause of the moisture. If you have water flooding 3 times a year that is a sign of a moisture problem!! The remaining humidity will render you closet (and contents) unuseable.

Take a look at the exterior grading and downspouts to see if you can get rid of the water the easy and cheap way.

Keep in mind that the "solution" of raising the floor is just and band-aid and does not get rid of the problem. No matter what the slick advertising says, the moisture is still there. The water may drain away eventually, but there is not enough air circulation to dry out all the cracks and corners in the new revolutionary floor system. Even if you happen to get some circulation wihout a fan, it will just be moist air circulating until the next flood.

One of the most sensitive things in the world is a nose. It can pick up on good items stored in a moist area.

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Originally Posted by Concretemasonry
Keep in mind that the "solution" of raising the floor is just and band-aid and does not get rid of the problem.
I absolutely agree. Regardless of where you live, you shouldn't choose to live with a flooding basement. Look outside the house, the solution is there.

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