White mold in basement


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White mold in basement

We are refinishing the basement, and have started ripping out the old floor and when we pulled up a board found a huge mound of white furry mold!!!!ick...any suggestions on how to get rid of it before we continue?

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This white furry substance you speak of may not be mold at all.
If this is on concrete, or cinderblock it is called effervescence.
It presents itself as a furry looking growth, but when brushed, it turns to a chalky power, and is caused by moisture.

The best way I can describe how it occurs is like this:
Think of your concrete, or cinder block as a sponge, although it is solid, it is filled with millions of air bubbles. Over time, moisture will find its way to the surface and evaporate. Even if you donít have a real water leak, water vapor will penetrate through the wall, or floor, and evaporate. When this occurs, all of the minerals and salts are left behind on the surface, in the form of effervescence.

It can be cleaned off with a stiff brush, but will most likely return months later.

If you want to get rid of it, I have only found one way to successfully do so.
First you must find the source of the moisture, if itís an outside wall, there may be a hose bib or down spout in the area, and try to direct the water away from the house.
Then clean the area as good as possible, and apply 2 coats of drylok sealer to the surface.

I did this in my basement; I too had effervescence, all over the place. I brushed the loose powder off, and then I took a 3 gal deck sprayer, and mix 2 parts water with 1 part Muratic Acid.
I sprayed down the walls with this, and wire brushed them.
Then I came back with 2 rinses of clean water.
I waited 2 days, and applied 2 coats of Drylok, and havenít had a problem since.
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WOW! Thanks alot Steve!! I'm happy to hear that it may not be mold!!! It does turn to a powder! I will follow your advice and let you know how I made out!!! Again THANK YOU!!!!
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White, furry mold does not grow on concrete, but it does grow on decaying wood. Efflorescence on concrete appears as a white powder. There are efforescence cleaners available, but simply brushing it away is effective. Moisture issues must be addressed. There are penetrating concrete sealers available for basement floors. If you have mold, disinfect concrete with bleach/water solution.

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