Electric hoist for attic storage


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Electric hoist for attic storage

Instead of trying to carry multiple storage boxes up and down the pull down stairs with the change of each season. I'm thinking of installing a light weight electric hoist mounted between the roof trusses to make the job easier. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on accomplishing this?
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Neat idea - but in practical terms, is it worth it? Imagine trying to tie each box so that you can attach a hook from the hoist to it - without tipping it over... Then lowering/raising it ~10 feet from the attic to the floor/vice versa without it tipping it over again. You're going to have to run electrics - with an extendable control so you can operate it from both levels - and either way, you're going to have to go up/down the stairs to hook/unhook the package.

Personally, I bribe my wife to stand underneath the attic opening and pass the boxes up/down as necessary. The bottle of merlot is a lot cheaper than the hoist - and I can blame her when something falls - Good luck!
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Without the Merlot my wife up in the attic, these are her seasonal decorations (she would always help anyway). If it was up to me a ribbon and a pre lit tree would be great. The garage ceiling is 10' plus so trying to negotiate the pull down ladder with boxes in hand is a trick in itself, so the hoist should be easier. The majority of the many, many, boxes are plastic storage type and always tied, they should easily adapt to rings and for lifting. I would plug in the lift to existing lighting outlet and it will be operated w/control supplied, at the attic level!
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I'm curious about the type of ladder you have. Does it just lower by pivoting on one end; or does it telescope as one pulls it down; or does it unfold accordian type as it is pulled down?????
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Well you could get one Of the 12V winches that go on the front end of a 4X4. But for the weight Id just but one pulley up on a roof rafter and a rope over it. Might make some kind of net to put the box in and pull it up. Sure cost a lot less.

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Renolenny, it's a fold out accordian type ladder very narrow, with lots of hinges to get things caught on.

Thats worth considering might work. Thanks
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Would the ladder be directly under the hoist? If so, would it interfere with using the hoist?
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This sounds a lot like some of the work saving ideas I come up with.
It becomes more work to set up and use the "time saver" than to just do it the old way.

Another idea is to use one of those light weight scaffolds the home centers have.
With the platform placed half way for a normal ceiling height you could stack the boxes on one end and then put them in the hole at arms length.
You could then use the scaffold for other things and might be cheaper than a good winch.
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Harbor Freight/Northern Tools has the AC powered hoist you are looking for. Capacities in the 400-1200 lb area, so more than enough for boxes of decorations.

With one person on the floor hooking the boxes up and one in the attic to operate the hoist and unhook the boxes, it'd work.
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I've been thinking of this myself, ans of course it would work if there is no interference, and you can swing it over onceup then release it.

I think the real question is how much weight can you put on a joist rafter when lifting an object. I can lift mysef from a rafter so thats good to about 200lbs ? Anyone have a better guess ?
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