Basement bathroom plumbing


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Basement bathroom plumbing

I am putting in a bathroom in my basement and I need some help on a layout. looking at the photo:
The 4" darin for the toilet is about 5'-0" away from the wall. The 3" drain for the shower is abou 15 1/2" away from the wall. The other drain against the wall I'm assuming is for the sink. Do these three drains seem a litle close together? How would the plumbing fixtures work out? Does the shower drain spacing require it to be a stall only and not a tub/shower if I choose? Where could the sink be located that close to the shower drain? This is the layout I was thinking of but I don't think it will work.
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OK, since you are not getting any responses, I'll give a whirl. I'm no pro, but I am finishing my basement and adding a bathroom, so take this for what it is worth (free advice!).

The drain right next to the wall (the one with the square knob on top) is your main drain out to the street (or septic). The cap is for removal to clean out that pipe if it gets clogged.

The one in front of that one looks like it is your shower drain, or possibly for the sink.

The large one would be for the toilet.

You can do whatever you want to. You just need to bust up the concrete, dig down and move things around to where you want them.

If you don't want to do that (I didn't, I used the builder's rough-in even though they are not really where I wanted them but I can live with it) then I would do this:

Put the shower over by the wall using the drain in front of the drain for your air conditioner (the one that runs along the floor). I' put the toilet one the other one. Then I'd cut into the straight part of the main stack (drain) along the wall and run a new drain line over to where you want the sink to go (code may require a vent in that line, but you should be able to use a studor valve). It also looks like the drains are high enough to accomodate a raised floor, in which case you can go right over the AC drain. Otherwise, since it is only PVC, re-routing that line is easy to do.

Sorry, I don't have time to do a picture for you, but using your picture, the shower stall would be facing you, the toilet and the sink would be facing the pool table. The picture would be taken from the doorway into the bathroom.

The plumbing is not rocket science, but it can be a lot of work. It just took me 10 hours to cut in a hot and cold for a wet bar! And I had the line over to he wall and down the wall already made. All I had to do was the tie in and connect up the already made pieces. Both cut-ins had to be re-done. If they leak, there's no going back fixing them, you have to cut it out and start over. It's not really hard, just time consuming, frustrating AND WET!

Hope this made sense and helped.

Good luck!
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It appears to be a strange rough in to me, Typically you have a drain for a toilet, shower, and a third pipe which is a vent (for all 3) and a sink drain.

You need to confirm what you have is connected to a vent, are there any other pipes out of view (2" pvc). All fixtures are required to be vented. I would also remove the caps and confirm which has a trap. Shower needs a trap, no trap on the toilet.

What year was this constructed?

I envision some concrete destruction in your future.

Post this in the plumbing forum, I'd like to hear their opinion.

Good luck

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