Best type carpet for basement

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Angry Best type carpet for basement

What an argument this can cause apparently.... I was talking about carpet squares with padding and anti-microbials and she was telling me how I was cheaping out by not having berber installed professionally with a good soft padding underneath. I talked about pipes breaking, and leaks (especially from the ice-maker upstairs, water seepage, and condensation; she's talking about me being paranoid and being put back on anti-anxiety meds ! So my question is; What is best for a room that will have 86" of headroom after ceiling install that has seasonal seepage no more than 3 cups of water during 3 day storm and driving rain? Rugs and painting are not an option as we have it painted now, and I had rugs over carpet at my old place and didnt like them then, not to mention the red eyes she has when I mention rugs. I figured carpet squares and maybe checkerboard pattern so seams wont matter (although I dont like checkerboard pattern). With tiles would be nice when/if water seeps in, to be able to remove and dry, monitor, replace if stained, etc. I know it wont look as good as regular pro installed carpet with pad, but who wants a sponge underneath their carpet especially in a basement ! Been lookin at Millken etc, I know they are expensive,what other brands are there? Want something I can install and easily remove and replace..that is an advantage..what brands hide the seams well and feel comfortable under-foot and are semi-resistant to moisture? The basement will be air-conditioned, does anyone have experience with these type tiles/panels etc, as I would like some real-world reviews....
Geez, didn't mean to write a book........
Thanks in advance, Man of the ...basement..
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First, the basement may be your domain, but you don't rule. Now that this is cleared up, we can continue. The tiles will be expensive, and will not look as good as the berber. You are thinking of the worst case scenario, and you need to flush that, because it will happen whenever it happens (I think Yogi Berra said that), and living that world won't allow you to enjoy it.
Consider this. If the seepage is located in a certain area, make an uncarpeted section of flooring, trimmed in a semi circle or even squared off, and use it as an area for a table and chairs for possibly snacking on, or a small refrigerator, etc., then maybe tile it. Any seepage will be contained in that area, and not affect the berber (yes, you will be installing berber).
Good luck with the choices, and other members will chime in with answers, I am sure, so don't take mine as definitive.
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Whether you have seepage in basement or not, mold and mildew can occur in basements where there is high humidity and where condensation forms on concrete, especially in summer. If you insist on carpet in the basement, go with an olefin product--olefin on the face and olefin backing. Avoid jute backing. Olefin is essentially plastic and can be cleaned with harsh detergents and disinfectants, including bleach. Remember, damp carpet is a home for mold and mildew. Controlling moisture issues and temperature and humidity and air circulation in basement is important for preventing mold and mildew.
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If your worse case is 3 teacups of water, I would go for the Berber. It's better looking and more importantly it will please "she who must be obeyed". In the long run that can produce dividends. Besides, if the carpet did get ruined, think of the "I told you so" fun you could have.

A small wet spot on a carpet is not the end of the world and will not ruin it. I've pulled up areas of wet carpet, replaced sections of wet padding underneath and dried the carpet with fans/heaters.

Put in a dehumidifier sized to the space to take care of any humidity concerns.
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Id go commercial grade carpet with no pad. Will dry easy and you can roll it up to the seams if you do have a flood.
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Smile Basement flooring

I have vinyl tiles on my basement floor which is discolored. I am contemplating another floor of linoleum. 1. Does the old floor need to be taken up? 2. And what should the cost for 370 sq. ft. be when having someone put the flooring down
thanks for your advice.

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