Pour cement slab in unfinished crawl space


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Pour cement slab in unfinished crawl space

I live in a 126 year old victorian. A small section of unfinshed crawl space is under the kitchen in which the dishwasher and the sink sit over. Last year I cleared out and insulated the area laying down 6ml plastic barrier. We recently had a batch of consecutive below zero days in which the dishwasher froze. This had happened in previous years. The floor becomes unbelievably cold. I am thinking about taking this area one step further and laying down a concrete foundation and running a baseboard heater with a thermostat. Does this seem like a reasonable solution and would I be able to pour the concrete myself. The area is about 11' by 4' and less than 3' height. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
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Pouring the cement isnt hard to do. Putting heat down there would solve the issue but would cost you to run it all winter. How exactly did you put the VB in? Did you tape all seams in the VB and run it up the walls of the crawl and seal it there? What are the walls of the crawl like and did you insulate them or did you do just the ceiling of the crawlspace. What kind of insulation did you use?
I have had excellent results fixing a crawl in the kitchen of my parents house just insulating the walls and the sill plate with XPS and foam, then laying down the poly on the dirt taping it and sealing it to the walls.
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Where are you?

dmetzger -

Without knowing where you are, the climate and other information it is hard to give something other than an guess. - You might be able to just insulate the sidewalls and forget about installing and paying for heat.
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might just want to try,,,

placing a 150w floodlite there aim'd towards the crawl space's ceiling,,, could run the switch to the kitchen.

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