waterproofing block basement


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Question waterproofing block basement

Hello everyone,

My wife and i bought our house here in wisconsin a few years ago and the house has a block basement that i would like to make a finished basement. The basement has a few water leaks nothing real major but enough to drain into the small trench-like thing in the floor along the wall (i know nothing about houses) that flows into a drain. I will be putting rain gutters around the house this summer and my yard slopes away from the house for the most part. (i have been reading some of these posts to know that much at least . I have been reading some of the posts that talk about a tile drain or something with pvc piping. I don't have a lot of money to get a contractor, and since i am new to this DIY thing i don't want to mess anything up.

So here is my question.. Is this gutter thing sufficient enough to have if i don't want a humid basement?
And if not, how do i solve this problem without all the digging into the basement floor and costly spending?

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There are waterproof coatings that you can apply to block
inside the basement--check with your local hardware,etc.
They will work as long as leaks are not major.
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blocks're the most porous,,,

of all mtls w/which to bld basement walls imo,,, while the suggestion of ' painting ' a substance on the walls may be well-intended, in the end any moisture under that will, eventually, lift it from the surface & you'll again be faced w/the leakage,,, you might try xypex as a 1st step - avail only from const. supply houses, NOT h/dlowe'sacehdwe.

exterior waterproofing is the only total solution but, because of wtr table levels & hydrostatic pressure, you may still have wtr rising thru that ' slot drain ' into the basement,,, think of your basement as a boat's hull surrounded by wtr & it becomes more clear.

here's a cove system which may work for you:
http://www.basementwaterproof.com/whyleak.html ; the following may also work & might be considered:
http://www.askthebuilder.com/070_Lin..._Seepage.shtml ;
but, in the end, a ' french drain ' or sub-floor water management system's the only, imo, solution.

i've had some success w/all of the above - eventually most involved the latter, tho,,, your university has some resources for you, also.

ps - nothing major is kind,,, basements should be dry but those guys got paid & they're gone short answers - no & you don't,,, good news is the mtl cost is not great but its VERY labor intensive.

ps - NO financial interest in any link

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