Crawlspace jacks/stabilizers?


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Crawlspace jacks/stabilizers?

I've got an older home built on a cinder block foundation. In one corner of the house there has been some settlement. I'm looking to either attempt to jack it an inch or two, or worst case throw some sort of jack or stabilizer under a couple of the joists in the coner to stop or slow down further settlement. I know whatever i use i need to create a stable base like dig a hole, lay gravel, pour osme cement etc. for the jack/stabilizer.

My question is:
1) Where can I purchase jacks or stabilizers like this, and approx how much each? Can they be found in a big box store like HD, Lowes, or Northern's? How about online?
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The box stores carry the jacks you describe. One of our local stores (Menard's) carries a lightweight and a hevyweight version. I know that I have seen the heavyweight at Lowe's as well.

The heavyweight jacks are welded assemblies made to work over a small range of height, so the stores stock a couple length ranges. Measure your height from floor to joist and buy an appropriate jack. Remember that you can always shim the top with flat 2x's or place a beam above to spread the lifting load. Cost isn't terrible (under $40/50).

The lightweight jacks are made to span a wide range of dimensions (you assemble to what you need), but they have less load capacity. Cost is $20 or so.

In regards to footings for a jack, I have seen recommended that post footings be 20"x20" and 8" deep. For a 4x4 post that gives 8" overhang and 8" depth, transfering the load to the soil at the worst-case scenario of 45 degrees. Skip the gravel - the concrete needs to be on undisturbed soil.
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