Radon - do it yourself solution..


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Radon - do it yourself solution..

I was told by atleast a few mitigation experts that my home would be difficult to mitigate. A few reasons : I have radiant heating , no gravel layer underneath foundation , hardwood flooring throughout , foundation divided by seperate slabs , etc...

So I decided to try my own solution just to see if radon levels would lower. I dug underneath my foundation -


And let that stay like that for a few days... levels have been dropping since.

Now my only question is how to make this better and finish it off ? I'd like to drill under there with a drill extension. I heard there are like 10 foot drill extensions out there somewhere, but dont know where to get ? I looked on home depot site and only saw a 1 foot extension.

So yeah, I'd like to drill deep into the dirt to help even more with the gas release.

And then use a couple 1 inch PCV pipes and stick them under there tightly so that the gas can breathe out from...and then put the soil back on top. I'd probably put a little wire mesh on top of the pipes for bug protection and stuff.

Just wondering a couple things. Sewage lines usually run within the concrete right ? Not underneath ? Just trying to think of anything I might hit under there.

And once again if anybody knows about a 10 foot drill extension ?

much appreciated,

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Hi Mike,

You do not have to drill a hole under the slab to maintain good results. As a radon mitigator we only dig pits under the concrete to increase air flow under the slab. But I advise you to not undermine the footer to much. I would suggest digging an area out under the footer but more so under the floor as far in as you can reach. Then I'd stub a 3 or 4" PVC pipe in the excavated area and leave it up above the ground a foot or so. Do cover it with some wire to keep the mice out. This may work by itself, but doing a vent like this can cause the radon levels to actually increase if the prevailing winds push against that particular side of the house.

If the average level remains high you can always add a radon fan and vent it above the roof later. If you have some questions let me know.

Do you have a pro 3 series radon monitor?

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how do i know if i have radon?
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1) No, the sewage lines are under the concrete, not in it. It's pretty easy to guess where the lines might be if you know where the sewer line exits the house (look for cleanouts) and the notice where the plumbing fixtures are.

2) You get a radon testing kit at a hardware store and send the sample in the included envelope.
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