basement hydrostactic pressure, wicking


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basement hydrostactic pressure, wicking

I purchased a home last November,We were not told about the high water table in our area.due to this ,we have had an on going problem with moisture wicking through our basement concrete.We have put in a full drainage system with a triple sump pump submerged into the floor,it goes off continueously so that problem is solved but we still have our wicking problem.I completely gutted the basement and now am putting on my second application of Zypex(this time the modified) following an application of the concentrate.If this does not work I will be out of ideas??? I am really trying to avoid tearing out my concrete floor.The floor prior to applying the Zypex was not smooth and very pitted,I scrubbed it with a wire brush and cleaned it thouroughly prior to my applications,and have been misting it with water to help it cure for about 30hours now.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..Thanx...Jiggs
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The fact that we punch a hole in a swamp, line it with concrete, and expect it to stay dry boggles the mind. If your problem is indeed, a high water table, you are fighting a losing battle. There are a few reputable basement waterproofing companies around, but finding a good one can be expensive and hit/miss.

90% of basement water problems are due to poor grading and non-functioning gutters/downspouts. It sounds like you fall into that 10%, but that is something to check.
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Are you the only one in your area with that problem? Ask your next door neighbor, if you have one.

It seems to me you've done everything beside pour another layer of cement over the existing floor.
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basement hydrostactic pressure, wicking

"Wicking" is not really caused by hydrostatic pressure under the slab. Wicking can be just from the existance of moiture under the concrete slab. A concrete slab will absorb moisture and transfer it through without pressure. Water through shrinkage cracks or water through the joint between the slab and wall would usually be signs of excesss water accunulation or hydrostatic pressure.

If you do not have a vapor barrier under the slab or good base drainage to carry water to a drain tile or to other permeable material, water can be wicked through concrete. Do you just have a moisture on the slab periodically or water on the floor?

Do you have exterior drain tile, interior drain tile (or both) at the footing level leading to a sump for water removal. A drain to dylight could work, but that is usually not adequate for a high water table.

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