Final Framing Check


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Final Framing Check

I am going through my framing and doing a final check. I am checking the wall by running a string along the studs. How close is considered "good enough"?. I think I am probably being a little too picky. My walls are much straighter than the existing walls that the builder put in. Just Curious. Any help s greatly appreciated.
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Basic construction standards say a wall should be plumb, level, square. But I have looked thru(not thoroughly read thru) the IRC and I can't find a specific spec. Others may correct me. As you observed, some of your existing walls can be quite a bit out. It takes more time to make a house or addition plumb/square, but the better it is the easier it goes together. And time is money in the construction industry, close is usually good enough.
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Saw a Home Improvement idea which one. This was a higher end home and a guy came in and actually trued everything to 1/16 inch of variation on bowing studs. No idea what was being done with the walls, but I would think standard drywall wouldn't require that much precision.
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how close is good enough? 1/8"? 1/4"?
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My two cents! You will be able to see 1/4 inch in the sheet rock. I am with you if it is more than a 1/16 they need to work on it.
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Yes, 1/4" is usually close enough. Conscientious framers examine their studs and since perfectly straight boards are difficult to find, they will try to crown them all the same direction... so that you don't have one stud bowing one way and one stud bowing the opposite way. I'm guessing you may see one stud bowing out 1/8" one way, and the next bowing 1/8" the other way, making it seem like it is 1/4" out of line... this may not be the case. If there is a little variation from one stud to the next, once drywall is screwed to the studs, it will usually help pull the studs back into a straight line. The best way to check the center of a wall is to run a string line across the wall, like you are doing, where the string line is shimmed out 1/2" or so on each end. By measuring from the string line back to the studs, you can get a true reading of whether or not they are in line.

Gunguy's mention of a "high end home" where studs are trued up is definitely a high end option, that for most houses just isn't practical or necessary. But on walls where cabinets or countertops will be installed, or on walls where there will be chair rail or wainscoting, it is a little more critical to have a wall that is fairly straight since there will be something on it that will create a visual straightedge.

Bad studs can be corrected by cutting them partially through, then toenail through the kerf... or by reinforcing them with a gusset. Easier to cut them out and replace them with a straight stud, IMO.
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Now is the time to add any helpfull backing: kitchen cabinets under 16" wide; for wide casing; blocks to move electrical switch box over from wide casing trim; block for T.P. holder, if flush mount; skirtboard trim at sides of stairs; at the microwave; swing out pot filler; at all doorstops; at towel bars in baths; at pedistal sink; at tub edge--30" out; at inside closet side walls- 12-1/2" out; at wall sconces; curtain rod blocks; and my brain's tired now, I'll be napping. (shims at box store, cardboard strips for that purpose) Be safe, GBR
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