Moving a basement rough-in

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Moving a basement rough-in

We're planning to finish our basement and have run into a big problem. Our basement is a standard 8 ft foundation. The bathroom rough-in is right under the main HVAC ducts that run down the center. That means after putting floor tile, soffits, and drywall ceiling, we're looking at 6'9" max bathroom height - which is a little on the claustrophobic side.

The rough-in seems to be positioned directly below the bathroom on the first level and shares the same vent stacks. Given this, would it be possible, and how hard do you think it would be, to move the rough-in? It would be moved toward the front of the house, which means the new drains should be in line with where the existing ones are going under the concrete. I think I'd need to bust up the concrete, move the drains, put in some elbows to move the stacks along the joist cavities and bring them down in the new location. Does that sound right? Can the PVC pipes be elbowed like that?

I realize it might be hard to visualize what I'm talking about, but any helpful hints would be appreciated.
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6' 9" would be fine for me. Is it that claustrophobic that you want to do all that extra work?

In any eventm from what I can gather from your post, an ejector pump isn't needed but at the same time, might solve your problem. You can pumpt the waste to the original spot. I don't really like those pumps but it's a thought.
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Ceilings to code are 7', I believe the 2006 UBC. Anything below that wouldn't classify as living space. Check with your local Building Department on this.

Be a shame if you went to sell and couldn't count it as floor space and maybe even have to tear it out.

Also need egress(escape) and light and ventilation.

Possibly need special things for the furnace and utilities also.

Defenitly plumb the fixtures to code as that could be a real mess (pun intended).

Be safe, G

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