Basement Cold room problem


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Basement Cold room problem

I have a cold room in the basement of my 15 year old house.
It sits directly underneath the porch. The porch is concrete with natural stone over it.
The cold room is covered entirely with dry wall, and therefore, I cannot tell whether it is insulated or not. There are no cold air vents installed.
In the past two year I have started experiencing condensation problems in the cold room.
The water penetrates the dry wall in multiple spots. The drywall feels wet and saturated with moisture. In the cold weather it freezes up and gets covered with snow.
The cold room has a regular wood door, which leads to the rest of the finished basement.
How do I deal with this problem?
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Remove the damaged sheet rock, determine where the water is entering, stop the water, probably from the outside, then insulate & rebuild.

After you remove the sheet rock, run some fans to dry whatever you can & look for mold. You might want to spray a bleach solution to kill it.
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Hi guys!

I have the same issue and had to tear the middle of both walk-in closet last night!! It's just insane the amount of water dripping on the drywall (ceiling)...

My issue is that the studs are actually touching the metal sheet right below the porch concrete. So, how can I fix that. I know that the studs are going to continue dripping since they touch the metal...

PLEASE HELP !!! I was planning on selling the house in March !!

I will appreciate any help RUSH !!!!

Elvin from Utah
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This is a condensation issue. You must spray foam insulation(closed cell) on the back of the porch floor steel deck pan. Do NOT try to do it by gluing sheet of foam to the metal. The foam must be directly bound to the deck pan and fill the channel design of that pan. If you cannot separate the studs from the deck pan with some level of insulation you may have to take them out and lower the ceiling to accommodate the foam or use a stud that is smaller width.

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