flood 9 months ago: can we still file ins claim?

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flood 9 months ago: can we still file ins claim?

This might be off-topic, but I wasn't sure of a better place to post it.

Last Xmas our sump pump failed and as the result our basement got flooded. The damage was not that extensive: we had to remove carpeting from basement bedrooms and throw our miscellaneous junk that got damaged by water. We did not file an insurance claim at that time. It appears now, however, that there is longer term damage: our basement have had a fairly strong meldewy smell for a couple of months.

Can we still file a claim now? We live in MD in a Wash DC suburb.

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I donít see the lapse of time being a problem.

You should, however, carefully read your policyís exclusion clauses, especially concerning mold/mildew and any related to water damage from bursting water heaters, plumbing, etc. Also account for any applicable deductible relative to the amount of your claim to consider whether itís worth filing a claim (you may be starting from scratch as it may be hard to prove damage to carpeting and misc. junk if already thrown away). You donít want to file a claim if itís excluded under your policy, or if itís for an insignificant amount. The insurer might take note and decide to later cancel if they feel youíre a claimís happy customer . . . on the other hand, it you think the damage is covered and the damage is worth filing a claim, donít hesitate to do so (thatís what youíre paying for).

If youíre insured through an independent insurance agent standing between you and your insurance company, donít hesitate to contact your agent as the rep should know whether you have coverage or not under your policy. If insured directly with your insurer, I would read the policyís coverage first before talking w/ the claims dept. . . . and if you know the person who sold you the policy, I would probe their understanding before going to the claims dept.

If you think you have coverage, you should take photos immediately if you havenít already done so.
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Generally speaking, yes, you can

However, expect to meet with more resistance than if you had contacted them right away
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You need to check your homeowner's policy carefully. We had the same problem about 1.5 years ago and our policy stated something along the lines of not covering ground water. Had we had a 'flood' it would have been covered, but we were not covered by groundwater.
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I know on my policy I pay extra to coverage because of a failed sump pump. There is also an option for mildew which I think I have. Can't recall at this point.
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Any commercial or residential insurance policies I have knowledge of do not cover mold/mildew under any circumstances.
I have done some insurance work relating to flood damage and had been cautioned by more than one adjuster of this fact.

You would do well to check your policy and if you have mold coverage it would be good.
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I will add that if the smell just started 90 days or so I can't see how this can go back to an issue from Xmas. Do u know what the rh is? And how big a dehumidifier do u have

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