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I have allot of worries about my crawlspace. I am in a new home, the crawl space is approx 30x8. There is not any insulation in the floor, I need to do that I know. I do not see any barrier on the floor, it could be under gravel but I dont no. I though that was code. I know a guy who works for my builder was in the space, because he was trying to fix some squeaks in the floor a while back. My problem, how did he get in there! I am finishing my basement, and if I access the space in my basement, I need to get the work done before I drywall everything. The floors are 16in centers, and I dont think I could get through the opening. If I did, its about 9 ft deep in there, I couldnt get out! I would need to get a ladder in there to do the insulation anyway. The outside entrance is covered with a piece of painted plywood, seems very secure and would require tearing it out to access that way. There are no vents that I can see, a neighbor suggested I put one in on that piece of plywood. How do you normally access this area? Am I missing something? Seems like a silly question, but I have given up on finding a way into my crawl space! Thanks
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How did the worker get under tho house? How old is the house? Are you the first buyer? Where is this house located?
Have a building department? If so have you talked with them?
Do you have a signed inspection card? do you have any thing that showes that the city looked at the home as it was built?
If the home was builtwith coed violations the contractor has to take care of them..If he should not contact the state contracors assocition and file a complaint. no way out for the contractor?
You other honme owner complaints can be delt with the same way..But you need to have a list of all the problem and you need to make sure the contractor all so has the list, they should start working on the list as time goes on you can mark off any thing they have done that you are happy with, it is very important that you keep notes on every thing that happens the good as well as the bad, you just may need them if the contractor tries to say He has doone every thing you had on your list and that you were very happy at the time...If the contractor or his people want you to sige a work order that they have been there and done the work make a noton the tag..they were here I do not know if the work has been done right~~~and makew sure you get a caron copy Photo copy of every thing or do not SIGN...
Work on this and get back with us we would like to help you with your project...But you do not want to start any thing untill you and the contractor have agree on every thing and it is done....Be Tough... learn all you can about the problems you are haveing, we can help just sent the questions. Many good folks here to help you out....
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The one item you have neglected to mention is where do you live. This would tell me your codes. In many parts of the country you do not have to insulate the floors. But I can just about guarantee that there is visquine covered with gravel in your crawl space. Perhaps as much as 6" down.
Just so you know, in almost all parts of the country there are at least 20 inspections done on every new home built. In the Northwest there are 54 inspections. Now, a crawl space entrance is usually in a closet. If your closets are carpeted, the door is under the carpet. Sometimes very hard to find. One thing you could do, is make a entrance in your basement. Build a small door into your wall when you sheetrock. Since you can access your crawl space from you basement, chances are there was not a vent put in, since at that time none was needed. The building cept will have a set of your house plans, and it will probably show where your crawl space door is. Good Luck
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codes for my location

I live in missouri. My builder is acting as if
he will not come back and do anymore work, despite
the fact he gave us a year warranty and we have only been
in the home 7 months. Where can I find out my codes? I think I can make this guy come back out if he feels I no my stuff and can get him in some trouble with assosiations.
Thanks for your help. Hey, are the RC channels easy to install? Expensive? DO they make hanging the drywall easier or harder? THanks again
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Contact all the people you can. the building deptment for code information, Contractors licensing board, better bussiness office, and start now or it will be too late for some thing, one year warranty for some things but bad workman ship has no time limit...If it is not code ar could be a danger.he is on the hook...
RC channel is very easy ti work with, you install it across the joist or studs wisth screws and then screw the sheet fock on...RC channel is like a furring strip only metal...
Good Luck let us know.

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