Could "Jiffy Blankets" contain asbestos?


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Could "Jiffy Blankets" contain asbestos?

I know the right answer is "have it tested", but maybe somebody can put my mind at ease.
In the attic of a 1930's cape in new england. Some of the attic walls have some old insulation, about 1 inch thick, that says "Jiffy Blanket" on it. It's like a brown paper envelope with some cellulose inside (named such by home inspector and energy auditor). It's stapled between the wall joists and roof rafters. Looking more closely at it I can definitely see small flakes of papery stuff, but also some fibers mixed in.
Is there any chance that the stuff contains asbestos? The paper covering has mostly disintegrated so the flakes are everywhere in the attic. If it has asbestos it will be a bad scene. Hopefully the fibers are just wood fibers!
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I just did a quick online search and it just says shredded cellulose with a kraft paper outer with no mention of asbestos.
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Pilot Dane - I think you're right, I've been looking for info online too and just found a reference in a NIST database. Says it's shredded newspaper with kraft paper outer. Thanks!!
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In my area a test will run you about $7.00.
Pay for the test and be done with it. The fact that something does not say it contains asbestos means nothing. Ask the people of Libby Montana about that one.
If you are not disturbing and are not exposed then maybe just let it lie.

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