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I need to replace my basement stairs. I can not use the existing stringers as a guide to cut my new ones because they were not cut with all of the same size risers. The rise is 84" and the total run is 72". I have not been able to find a calculating tool on the web to confirm my calculations. I figure the riser height to be 8 13/32" (10 risers) and the tread to be 9" (9 treads). If someone knows the proper formula for calculating stairs, I would appreciate it if you would post it.

Thank You!
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7 1/2 inches is your desired riser height.With your numbers I used my Construction caculator. I came up with this.

1.# of risers 11
2. actual riser height 7 5/8 inches
3. # of treads 10
4. tread width 7 3/16 inches

You wrote you have figured 10 risers, did you include your last step into your upstairs as a riser?
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tread witdth

hello, ?the thought of a tread width of 7 3/16 seems scary to me. My itsy bitsy feet are 8 1/2 long. Even with added nose that seems way too small. Isn't there a limitation on the amount of nose you can add. I seem to recall 2" (Our stairs are steeper however and that may be why I feel the need for more width. They are 10" total rise and nose)

Hope it was ok that I added mine.
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The width of the tread nosing may vary from about 1 1/8 to 1 1/2 in. It should seldom be greater than 1 3/4 in.

Basement stairs are often constructed with an open riser (no riser board installed). Maybe this could be an option for you?

Good Luck

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