Crawl Space Water


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Crawl Space Water

First off, I am new to the forum, which seems to have a wealth of knowledge.


My somewhat newly purchased 1,350sq ft. house sits on a crawl space, which after a significant rainfall is taking on water (or signs of it.) I went down there with a waterproofing professional and I saw for myself that the blocks are getting saturated approximately 9-10 inches up from the crawl space floor. Which, may possibly explain why there is a water line that length vertically all the way around. I personally believe the crawl space my have gotten flooded, but would seeping concrete blocks lead to possible flooding?

Professional's Solution:

The individual told me that were a couple issues that need to be solved and that would correct the issue.

#1 Correct the grading around property.

#2 Extend gutters out approximately 4-5ft.

#3 Install a correct/lower sump basin and new sump pump. (I dont have a sump pump currently and the basin supposedly was sitting too high and needed to be seated lower.) Also, he would be drilling/running a discharge line out to a natural ditch.

#4 Excavate around the property down to the footer and apply a rubber like compound.

The professional, then was going to warranty the work for the next 20 years stating that the water would cease to enter the crawl space. He was going to do all of this for $4,700.00. Does that sound reasonable?

I have done a decent amount of research, thus I pose one question to all you DIY'ers.

Since he is going to excavate to the footer...should I take this opportunity and install a tiling system? If so, does anyone have an idea how difficult it would be to do it myself? Or, any idea as to what the additional ballpark cost would be for him to do it?

This website seemed to have some really good information as far as helping someone install:

Foundation Drainage

Any help/suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums! What he proposes is right on target. I am proud you found one that didn't just want to come inside and slap DamTite on the walls and leave you with a prayer. Waterproofing from the inside does little. His methods will do what is supposed to happen, by getting the water away from the foundation in the first place. The other work on the fail safe sump system is good, too.
I can't comment on the pricing, and you know the warranty is only as good as the person or company conveying it. I would definitely get a couple of more estimates to see if there may be better ideas/methods/pricing out there.
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I'm with Chandler - the method sounds great but I can't evaluate the price. Best bet is to get a couple more estimates so you can compare.
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Thanks for replying guys. The guy really sounded legit and it was the owner of the company that came and did the estimate/plan of action. He was fully insured, bonded and he doesn't sub out, nor double up any work. He does them 1 at a time and he is on sight to manage his team.

I forgot to mention too that he was going to put in vent wells to allow the grading to be built up higher.

I had another waterproofing company wanting to basically encapsulate the crawlspace for roughly $1000.00 more. In my mind it didn't make sense due to me knowing that the crawlspace took on wasn't taking care of the problem, but just covering it up.

I will let you all know if the situation is remedied. Any suggestions to add in before he does the work would be appreciated.
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I have decided to go a different route as the one I mentioned before.

I decided to go with an encapsulation system.

Work Performed:

Pulled out old sump basin, dug it deeper, reset new basin in aggregate.

Installed new Zoeller sump pump and drilled out foundation to run a 50' discharge line to a natural ditch.

Dug down to inside footer and installed french drain and routed to sump basin. Packed aggregate around perforated pipe.

Encapsulated the crawl space with 12mil virgin polyethylene on the floor and 8mil on the walls. Sealed vents, and installed dehumidifier (not a true crawl space dehumidifier, but I have it ran on an humidity alarm, so if it dies....then, I will buy a true one.)

Also, he mortared around my sewage drain exit from the crawl space to exterior.

(The drainage line opening left too much of a gap that allowed water to easily enter.)

Before he did all this I chemically killed any traces of mold, then applied a mold preventative sealant to the wooded areas.

Found out I had signs of wood boring beetles, but no termites luckily. Therefore, I applied a protective barrier to the wood that would make the wood undesirable to the beetles.

So, chemically killed the mold, then applied insecticide coating, then sealed with mold preventative sealant.

The plastic barrier alone may have taken care of the insects from reaching the wood eventually, however based on readings....there could be current infestations inside the wood that I do not know about. So, the insecticide penetrates the wood from 1/4 to almost 1/2 killing current infestations.

Around the exterior I had crap for downspout drainage and the grading was terrible.

So, I now have downspouts that run 5-7" away from foundation. Also, graded the soil properly out to 7' from foundation. Yes, some places call for 10', but was not possible in certain areas.

Hopefully, this has taken care of my situation, but only time will tell. Let me know any suggestions, or questions regarding what I have done.

Thanks All!
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Check with local AHJ if dehumidifier alone meets minimum code; Chapter 4 - Foundations
Thanks for getting back to us!


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