Relocate shower drain in slab

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Any advice on relocating a shower drain about 3-4 feet away in a 4 inch concrete slab? It has never yet been used. I have only the 1 ft square hole through slab for the p-trap, but need to make a new one about 4 ft away.
I have a 3yr old house, with basement bath rough-ins, but tub drain was put where I now want to build a second doorway. I want to make a 6" wide channel over to new spot by wall for corner shower, plumb it, then inspection. Should I rent a concrete saw for this job, then sledge hammer into pieces. Any with experience at this? Saw rental $60 +35 for the blade rental/day vs. min $250 for contractor to cut only. Can I do this??
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Mr. Peeper:
You have two choices to cut your concrete. The cheap way or the right way. I can tell you have never used a concrete saw. This is probably not the time to learn. When you are sawing concrete, it is a terrible dusty job. It is so dusty, that at times, you cannot see the saw even while your using it. Even with the best mask in the business you will get in in your lungs. It will also go every where. I mean everywhere. Spend the $250.00, he will come in and do the work, clean up the mess and be gone in a couple of hours. It will take you all day and not be healthy for you. He is cheap. I charge $400 to just start my concrete saw. The blades will burn out in minutes.
Good Luck
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just did it

Jack, Thanks for your thoghts on this- Today was the day that I actually did it, after much prep. Rented Bosch electric saw, with new blade, all for $55. I knew the dust would be overwhelming. I sealed the area with poly wrap, duct tape and scrap insulation. Rigged a exaust vent with a box fan & filter to the outside, AND had the 5 hp shop vac with bag filter runnning to suck up dust as it came off the blade. I also had a good new respirator (not just mask), and earplugs. Some dust did escape of course. I had other fan running to exhaust room from window. Job was done in 2hours, then wrapped up everything, then Gave the whole basement a "dusting" with compressed air from my compressor hose, while still running fan out window. Returned the saw, got some beer, and flowers for the wife as insurance, AND ahd dinner ready when she got home. Barely a trace from all the work. Thanks for offering your advice on this.

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