"Double studs"?

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"Double studs"?

I have an unfinished attic and I am trying to put some walls to finish it up. There are existing studs with insulations. However, there are some PVC pipes that are running right outside the existing studs. See the picture:

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What are my options now? In order to hide the pipes behind the wall, I have to somehow add another set of studs on top of the existing studs, how do I do that?

Thanks and appreciate any help!
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Welcome to the forums.

Basically you have to build a wall in front of the pipes. You have a 2x4 at the bottom for the plate and you would need the same at the base of the roof rafters. Then add your studs on 16" centers.

I used 2x4's as a lumber reference. I don't know what size lumber you are using for the walls in your attic.

A picture taken from further back showing the roof line and floor would be helpful.
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There's a whole lot more to making a finished attic then just throwing up some walls.
Biggest things would be what size, span, and spacing are the floor joist?
Got to plan out how to add space in the rafters for more insulation and baffles for air flow.
Best to have both soffit and a ridge vent.
Going to need permits.
Going to meet local egress codes.
If your now going to be heating and cooling the up stairs the vapor barrier needs to be on the conditioned side of the wall.
If those are just vent stacks you may be able to reroute them to the other side of that wall.
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Aha, base plate! Thanks PMPJmax, that's what I was looking for!

The space is just for kids to use as a hide-out, not a living space.

Thanks again!
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Apples vs Oranges...
PJmax sums it up.. You have to build out the wall(s), so another base plate plus, for the 'header' plate and work out from there.. 16 O/C is the rule of thumb... - You're not putting retreads on you family car...- Joecaption1 does make a good point... Insulation etc is also critical for a finished attic.. which Im sure most of us agree with.. - but setting up your walls will be a start to tie-ing in the rest of the job...(ie, insulation etal..).. !!

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