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I had an install drain tile system installed (approx. 80ft). This is where the floor along the footing is busted up, drain tile and weep tubes are added to the cinder block cores, and then re-concreted. My question arises because a 1/2" gap is left along the perimeter to allow any condensate to drain into the system.

I plan on finishing these perimeter walls with an insulated 2 x 4 wall. I have noticed sow bugs crawling out of this gap. If I finish the wall, won't these bugs cause problems?

Does this gap increase the chances of Radon problems?

Should I seal this gap?

I was planning to add a bubble wrap type of vapor barrier into the gap, and go up an additional 16" on the block wall, and install vapor barrier the "warm side" of the new insulated wall.
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I would try to find a material similar to the material inside a roof ridge vent. This material is about 1/2 inch thick an like a plastic SOS pad. That would let air and water through, but no bugs.

An cracks in your floor will let radon in- if you have radon built up below your floor. Assuming you have radon problems, you would need to draw air from under the floor and vent it out above your roof. In this scenario, the air would be drawn down through the crack that is you problem. Sounds like a plan to me.

All that said, if you don't need the crack there (there is no condensate), I would seal it up and be done with it.

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