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WOW. Lots done. Still overwhelming amount to do and need help with direction.

WOW. Lots done. Still overwhelming amount to do and need help with direction.


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WOW. Lots done. Still overwhelming amount to do and need help with direction.

Hi all,

So, my house started to fall in. 12 year old, stick frame, pier and beam. 2000 sqft. Crawl space on slope creates ~5 ft space on west end and ~2.5 ft on east end, with concrete and re-bar reinforced cinder block piers.
There are 4 of them on the north side of the home that began to lean due to poor drainage.
This is the way the structure is designed:
Cinder block piers are sitting on poured footers ~4 feet deep. Two 2x8 boards are nailed together and sitting vertically on top of those piers acting as a sill plate. The 2x10 joists, 16" center, rest on one of the 2x8 boards of the sill plate, and the rim joist sits on the other 2x8 board of the sill plate. The joists are then nailed to the rim joist from the outside, most only have one (!) nail attaching them.
When the piers leaned in, it pulled the sill plate along, which caused the floor joists and sub floor to drop. About 6 inches.This was over about a 30 foot section of our home.

What we've done so far:
We jacked everything back up into place. We pulled the sill plate and rim joist back in so that the floor joists are now resting on the sill plate and the floor is level. We have installed Simpson hangers on most of the joists, but haven't gotten to all of them yet. We have also added another 2x8 sister onto the sill plate, giving the floor joists 3 inches of bearing instead of the puny 1.5 inches they had originally. This addition was bolted on in wave patterns and with liberal amounts of adhesive.
We used come-alongs to pull the sill plate and rim joists back into position. These are still attached due to the piers still leaning. We also have the jack posts we used during the process of raising the house still installed. I didn't want to let the home back down on leaning pillars, although they aren't leaning very much. The pillars have come back towards level quite a bit. They are probably ~10 degrees from level right now.
We also put the underpinning back in place. While it was down, critters got in the insulation between the floor joists and pulled almost all of it down. That was a mess to clean up...

So, the questions I need help organizing and answering so that I can move forward with the best intentions for the home:

1. Will the existing piers continue to pull level, while the come-alongs are exerting so much lateral force helping them? The piers are bolted to the sill plate with long metal straps that were set in concrete.
2. If not, what would be the best method for new piers? The frost lone here in MS is less than 8 inches, so how far would I need to dig down? I keep seeing steel columns, sono tubes, and several other methods for piers.
3. Should I go ahead and replace the insulation before doing anything else, considering the money wasted on energy costs? (light bill around 500 per month right now)...

Thanks for any ideas ahead of time. We have put a lot of hard work into saving this house right now.
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Here in NY, sono tubes are used most of the time but do you have any idea why the house shifted, in the first place? I wouldn't go any further until that's determined. Some pics might help.

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