Crawl Space Entry


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Crawl Space Entry

We recently finished our basement. We have a very large crawlspace that is 14' X 12' with 7' ceilings with a finished floor, insulation, electrical outlets and lights. The door into this space is 47" high by 29.5" wide. The bottom of the door is 45" above the basement floor. (See attached photo.) Our basement is very small and we don't want to build a staircase up to the door because it will take up too much space and be up against the closet that separates the furnace and hot water heater from the rest of the room. We are currently using a step ladder, which doesn't work well because the top step is far from the doorway.
We need to come up with a solution for easily getting in and out of the crawl space (often), possibly while carrying items (so not ladder-style). Whatever the solution, it cannot take up much space. We considered an attic-style or retractable ladder that folds into the wall, but are really unsure how to accomplish that. What are your suggestions?
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Something doesn't add up. You say the door is 45" above the basement floor, and that the door is 47" high. that's 92". (is that the ceiling height in the room pictured?) But then you say the crawlspace has 7ft ceilings. (84".) It's a bit confusing. Just so we understand what's behind that door, when you open up that door, the floor of the crawlspace behind is right at the level of the door... or is the level of the floor inside the crawlspace also way below the door? Or is the ceiling behind the door way higher?
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I have some of the same questions raised by Xsleeper.
Assuming that you have a "split level" basement, and that the "crawlspace" floor is even with the bottom of the door in your photo:

Some suggestionsPlease note that feasibility of any of these ideas depends on weight, clearance, and the actual physical dimensions of your house.)

1) Could you "dig out space for the stairs on the other side of the door? That is, the first step up (of 6?) would be on the other side of the doorway, which would now extend to the floor level in your photo. (Problems: digging/waterproofing/insulating? Using up too much of the crawlspace floor?)

2) How about steps that are hinged in such a way that they fold down to the existing floor level?
(problems: weight?,,,Size??)

3) How about a combination of 1 and 2: dig out 3 steps, and have a 3 step fold-away step hinged to those steps., just behind the door.

4) My foldaway steps to the attic are in 3 sections: the top section folds flat at approzimately the level of the attic floor. It folds down, and the lower 2 sections are on folded on top of it, and they each, in turn,fold down. Could you use something like the lower 2 sections, placed on the crawlspace floor, and folding out? (Problems:how heavy ??, would you need a pulley to get the initial fold?) It's possible that a product like this is already available from an attic folding stair company.

5) How about a ramp-like on the back of some smaller "rentable" moving vans?Pull out, hook into place, then push back into the crawlspace when done?

Good luck with your project.Let us know how it turns out.

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