Two Different Levels of Concrete


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Two Different Levels of Concrete

We purchased a home that was built in the 1960s and has terrazzo tile in several different rooms throughout the home. We are slowly ripping out the tile and carpet in each room to stain the concrete throughout the home. The rooms with the terrazzo tile have concrete foundations that are a full 3/4" lower than the rest of the house. One room is split in half with carpet at a normal foundation level and then the other half has the terrazzo tile. The room is about 600 square feet. Clearly I want the room to be entirely one level and stained. Is there a way for me to pour a self leveling concrete in this large of an area, this thick? Do I need to just pour regular concrete? Do I need to hire a professional? The other rooms are the bathrooms and kitchens with the terrazzo tile and the square footage is much smaller. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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What's wrong with 3/4" plywood to make it level?
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I suspect she's worried that the plywood won't take stain like the rest of the concrete slab will. Or wear the same, either, for that matter.

Several manufacturers make self-leveling products that should work. If you have no concrete placement and finishing experience, you might look into having it done for you by someone who makes his living at it. If you're handy, and not afraid of a challenge, you could possibly do it yourself. Trick is to break it into small areas that are more easily workable--doing one single large area is difficult, and could well result in a roller-coaster effect. Small areas give you established grades to finish to, and also provide places to stand (kneel, actually) to do the work.

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