Water in Basement from Drill Holes?


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Water in Basement from Drill Holes?

My house's lower level (originally probably a basement), is only approx. 3 feet below ground, and is finished. I have a walk in closet, and today I noticed the carpet was wet in the middle of it. There is no moisture near the walls, and it did not drip down from the ceiling. I am thinking it is coming through the slab floor.

A few years ago when I first moved in, I replaced the carpeting in the room. I recall the slab floor having drill holes through the slab periodically throughout the floor. I am thinking this is where the water is coming from. Additionally, we had a lot of snow (a few feet), and it reached into the 50s yesterday and today after being in a cold spell. There was also rain yesterday. My house has the water being directed away from the house- but I am wondering if the ground being frozen, and also saturated, could force the water toward the house and up through the floor (if the floor was 6 feet or more below ground than I would think it likely- or more likely to come through walls). The water is about 2-3 feet away from the foundation wall, and it is dry by the wall. If this is likely the cause, then I may not too alarmed since in almost four years I have never had a problem, and this amount of snow, and sudden thaw/rain is unusual.
Yet, I also want to know why would there be holes in the floor? Was this some type of draining mechanism? The house is approx. 65 years old. Should they be plugged somehow? In my burner room, the floor is exposed, and the holes are present in that room too. That room can get leaks from either the burner or a pipe, so they're useful there. Water is not coming in on that side, but I would like to plug all the others eventually if this is the reason water is coming through. Just would like to know why they are there, and I am hoping this is actually the reason the floor is wet.
Thanks for any help.
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May have been to treat for termites.

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