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Hello All!
Our basement is currently DRY, just kinda gloomy and dark.
We will not be in house long enough to warrant finishing the basement off (Used only as storage, hobby, work area, etc).

Therefore, I am planning on painting all walls a nice bright white FOR *LIGHT REFLECTION*! A SEMI-GLOSS FINISH WOULD BE IDEAL!

QUESTION #1: If I only want to paint the cinder block walls
FOR DECORATION / LIGHT REFLECTION what paint(s) are the best for me to use?
I've started with Dry-lok and, after four hours of steady work, I'm only 1/5th way done ("No good!", says the wife.)
I'm willing to put 2 coats of Dry-lok on all walls that are below grade (just to be on safe side) but,

QUESTION #2: what other paint(s) can I use on above grade walls (Exterior masonry, other?) and,

QUESTION #3: what kind of paint(s) can I use for a finish coat ON TOP OF the Dry-lok on the above grade or interior

Or should I just bite the proverbial bullet and do the whole place in Dry-lok? (Ugh! My arthritis!)

Finally, QUESTION #4: The concrete floor is also currently DRY, but dusting. Should I try and paint the floor with an appropriate paint (What kind? Mfr?) or just use a clear sealer (What kind? Mfr?)
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Update / Sitrep.

For any other "newbies" following in my footsteps:

1. 2 coats of Dry-lok with a finish coat of Behr "Premium Plus" "Ultra-White" Semi-gloss came out BE-E-EAUTIFULLY!!!
(There's so much light down there now we have to wear sunglasses, ha-ha!)

2. Two coats of UGL (same people make Dry-lok) "Gull" color (Grey) floor paint was the final touch.

My Lesson: Don't try to skim on the expenses when it comes to painting masonry!

(Note: A contractor down the street heard what I was doing, came by, observed and said that, had my basement been taking water/dampness, I only would have had to also smear UGL "Fast Plug" into joint where floor and walls meet and I, "could build a moat around the house it'd be so water tight!")

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