Sound proofing basement ceilings

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I much prefer to finish my basement ceilings with drywall. This give a nicer look than a drop ceiling. I have lots of height, thanks to 9' walls. I will still have access through floor joists from other parts of the basement. I have heard that drywall will not sound proof from above floors as well as drop tile. I have also read that you can use "fiber board" as a sound proofer before you hang the drywall. Is this true and is there any other means of sound proofing ? Will the drywall need to be glued even if screwed to the ceiling ? The "fiber board" would prevent this. Thanks.
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Just hit the "search" button above and type "sound proof" (without the quotes) to look in just the basement forum, and you'll find 15 threads that have just about everything that can be said on this subject. Below I have quoted one of my earlier (more irreverent) replies on the subject (you'll find this in one of the 15 threads).


Sound-proof is a very relative term. There are lots of techniques, each with varying costs, difficulty, and effect.

(1) Insulation is the least effective sound control, but the cheapest. Special sound insulation is a bit better than regular thermal insulation.
(2) A double layer of drywall isn't bad.
(3) You can also buy sound-rated drywall.
(4) For walls, two walls built a few inches away from each other, with insulation in between, is effective.
(5) A wall with staggered studs (alternating one side and the other, on plates wider than the studs) is almost as good.
(6) You can use metal "Z" channels to partially isolate the wood from the drywall. It's pretty effective.
(7) If you want something NASA would use, you need to line the walls with these cones that protrude into the room.
(8) If money is no object, you can buy an electronic system of active noise cancellers. They generate waves in opposition to the sound waves to be cancelled.

Use two or three of solid core doors with thresholds and dead air space between them.

All of the above in combination would be the most effective.

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