basement water

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basement water


We are having water come into our basement even after small amounts of rain (like 10mm plus) and have tried everything. Interestingly, water doesnt come in right away but after a couple of hours of raining.

Initially we called a waterproofing guy who dug all around the house, sealed any hairline cracks in our concrete with some special tar, and then put the plastic coating all around the property. Water still came in.

Then we got all basement windows sealed and installed new window wells. Water still came in.

Now we got the roof replaced, and water is still coming in.

I am stumped. Any help?
I am reading other posts on this site, but am finding solutions that i have already tried above.
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Welcome to the forums.

Step 1 - find out where the water is coming in or give us more detail about it if you know and just didn't include that information.
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Hi tester,
Wow, it sounds like you are getting the typical targeted solutions, each contractor will apply his trade whether it resolves the problem or not. I learned early in life to not do the diagnostics when hiring a contractor, but to make them responsible for solving the problem. Doesn't always work, but obviously some of the work you had done didn't need doing other than eliminating something from the list.

As Mitch said, we need some more information so I'll ask some questions.
1. What style house do you have and how old is it?
2. What does the landscaping around the house look like?
3. Where in the basement does the water show up, front, back, walls, or just a puddle in the middle?
4. Is the basement finished or are the walls exposed?
5. Poured concrete foundation or concrete blocks, filled or hollow?
6. Any water proofing on the inside?

That will get us started. The comment that the leak shows up a couple of hours after a rain tells me the water either has to travel some distance or accumulate to some depth. Any idea as to what the soil content is around your house, gravel, ledge, clay, other?

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My2c as a fresh new student of these matters:

Is that water showing up on the wall or on the floor?
I suspect that is happening at floor level hence the delay.
The water needs time to penetrate the soil down to your floor level
Another explanation could be water collecting around your basement footing and sitting there anyway
The smallest surplus at ground level creates a surplus at basement footing level which spills (to say so) into your basement
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small world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, about the same responses/advice as in the other forum, eh ? but this time we have an idea of your ' where '

here's the 4 rules of water: 1, it runs downhill; 2, it takes the path pf least resistance; 3, it seeks its own level; & 4, it rushes to fill a void [ try making a hole in a tub full of water ],,, understanding your basement is comparable to a ship's hull below the waterline often helps 1 understand the cause(s) of a leaky basement wall/floor

your cause appears 1st to be a false/actual water table problem,,, again, as in the other, do you have a sump pump ? 3/8" of water is not normal as you've discovered

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