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how do I construct a bar in my basement? are there any sites with bar designs on them ?
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deb - I don't know of any websites - but if you find one - let me know - we're planning a bar in our basement as well. We recently priced bars at a billiards retail - at they are upwards of $4000.00!!! Not in the old budget! Please keep us posted!
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only sites I've found are not much help...

A bar can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. I made one out of glass blocks, put rope lights behind it and cabinets under it. The top is mahogany plywood with solid mahogany on the back edge and upholstered edge on the front. Along the side and back wall I put in homemade cabinets topped with a formica top and a sink.

Many people prefer a 'walk-up' bar which is nothing more than shallow cabinets (available anywhere) with a laminate top. Even a custom top won't be that expensive.

You can also use full size ready-made cabinets and put a plywood front on them. Add a laminate (or tile or hardwood plywood) top and you've got a bar.

You can also build a simple box out of 2x4s and 3/4 inch plywood. Add the formica top and you are done.

Go to the library and look for books on making kitchen cabinets.
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We've built several bars for people, all in relatively the same style. We create a 2 X 4 frame that is approx. 40" high. The front of the frame receives 3/4" Oak plywood. The plywood is cut so the grain is verticle. Over the joints between the plywood pieces, they're cut so that depending on the length of your bar the spaces are equidistant. We rip another plywood piece approx. 4" wide. A 6" wide piece goes at the bottom for the base and another 4" piece at the top edge of the front face. You'll end up with a few rectangles. To cover the end grain that you would see with the newly cut pieces that form the rectangle, we then install 3/4" oak inside cove molding. This "bar wall" you've created can then receive kitchen style cabinets butted up to it. Put a countertop on top of these cabinets w/ a backsplash. The top of your 2 X 4 wall w/ the Oak plywood should be exactly the same height as the top of the backsplash. Now, attach a 2nd top directly to the top of the 2 X 4 wall and let it overhang the front, whatever your desired amount is. You'll need to add supports to hold up the top for extra strenth. To keep your costs down even more, and still get something pretty nice, you can purchase the assemble-it-yourself cabinets. Some of the lines are not that bad in terms of quality. Home Dpeot has some OK stuff. Also, you can purchase and in stock straight countertop section for the countertop that is directly mounted to the base cabinets. (If you can live w/ White or almond) At that point the only special order "part" would be the overhang countertop piece. On the photo gallery page of my website there is a small photo that illustrates the "bar wall" I've just outlined. Be creative and have fun - It's not an exact science.


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