Weeping Tile Silt Protection


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Weeping Tile Silt Protection

I can't seem to get a consistent answer to this question. I am pouring a new basement floor and installing an interior weeping tile system. The water issue isn't bad (no standing water), but while the floor is out I might as well. The soil is complete clay (the neighboring township is Clay Twp). For protecting the weeping tile system, I have read/heard a few opinions:

- gravel base, wrap the pipe in a "silt sock", gravel on top
- quality landscape fabric against the clay, gravel, pipe, gravel on top, wrap landscape fabric over the top of the gravel
- quality landscape fabric against the clay, gravel, wrap the pipe in a "silt sock", gravel on top, wrap landscape fabric over the top of the gravel

Different sources say the clay silt will clog the landscape fabric and/or the silt sock. I'm also seeing differing opinions on what direction to place the holes in the perforated pipe - I assumed the holes should be facing down, toward the bottom of the trench?

As always, thanks for the help!
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I think the one standard is to place the holes facing down. You're not trying to carry water in the pipe without leaking as many people think. You want the water to get into the pipe which provides a least path of resistance for it to be drained away and holes on the bottom allow water to enter the pipe at the lowest height. If the holes are on top then the ground water level must rise to the top of the pipe before water can get into the pipe.

I agree there is a lot of conflicting advice about silt protection. The inspectors in my area want to see a silt sock on the pipe then clean gravel around it. I like to line the trench with porous landscape fabric and install the gravel and drain pipe (with silt sock) and top with more clean stone. Then I fold the edges of the landscape fabric over the top and bury.

Another option is to buy pre-made drainage pipe. I use EzFlow which my inspectors approve. It's much lighter than the traditional method and very easy to work with.


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I also live in PA and have seen drainage tile take on a surprising amount of clay fines despite gravel beds and multiple filter cloth applications.

You have to realize that clay particles can be extremely small, not unusual to have 1 to 4 micron sizes. You need 25,400 particles for an inch of space at a 1 micron rating. I doubt filter cloth can contain anything near this size.

I certainly advocate utilizing gravel and filter cloth as well as the product PilotDane referenced but in addition, any system needs to be designed with clean out access so that it may be able to be inspected with a roto rooter type camera and be able to be flushed with a water supply.

Above all, do not do what I have seen several homeowners do, run there rain handling system into the foundation drains.

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dane, how long have you been using that new peanut pipe ? we NEVER use a silt sock as it allows the silt too close to the pipe,,, 1' x 1' trench lined w/white filter cloth, 2" #57 bedding stone, 4" ads hdpe pipe, #57 for fill & cover, wrap filter cloth over on top, then backfill down here
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lowe's still sells white soil cloth here -see my question to dane

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