Replacing support post with wall


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Replacing support post with wall

I have a 6 inch beam in my basement with a support post in the middle of the span. If I build an 8 foot 2x6 wall under the beam, can I eliminate the support post? I would think that wouldn't be an issue, but will likely consult a structural engineer before making the final decision. Thanks
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Why remove the post if the wall surrounds it? Just apply your wall covering right over the wall and leave it in place. To address your question, if your wall is tight, then there won't be a problem removing the post, unless there are circumstances we can't see from way over here.
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This is a rare situation where I would say engineering isn't required. You are adding a bearing wall rather than taking one down.
The only tips I would give in the design:

- Keep post if at all possible - Like Chandler said
- If you do remove post (you want all wood), place a 4 x 6 inside wall at present post location. There may be a deeper footing under this post that will help support load
- Secure wall to floor with retrofit anchor bolts. They are epoxied in.
- If the wall is short I would consider covering wall with both 3/8" structural 1 plywood and drywall. The structural 1 isn't critical, but I'd throw it in for good measure.
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Adding plywood would be needed in an earth quake zone, not needed in PA.
No way is the wall going to be raking, only dealing with compression.
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However, a structural plywood skin, glued and screwed on both sides, would be a definite safety factor. We don't know what unique loads might be carried by the existing post. Or if the OP is planning to use junk (No. 3, or worse) studs, which will be subject to buckling under the right conditions.
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Removing the existing support will risk some settling. If a steel beam has a post under it I suspect is is carrying a significant load. When you transfer a load from one support to another, the new support needs to be compressed when installed. That is what Chandler is saying by tight and that isn't easy to do. And as Handyone mentioned, we would expect a footing under the post, but would need to know how the rest of the floor is made, 4" concrete, or a 2" rat slab.

How long is this steel beam and what are the spans on each side?

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The 6" beam is wood.

I am pouring a new section of floor under this 8 foot section of beam. This section goes all the way to the west wall of the basement. The post is right at the corner of the new section of floor. The post will have to be removed temporarily to pour the floor and deep footing under the current post. Another post will be installed 3 feet east prior to removing the current post. After consideration, I agree that framing the post into the wall would be the best solution.

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