Water entering basement @ the sewer line


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Water entering basement @ the sewer line

Water is entering my basement where the sewer line comes through the wall. I have had the sewer line inspected and confirmed that the water entering the basement is not from the sewer line itself. A recent thunderstorm provided me with my first opportunity to witness the water entering the basement, and I snapped a couple of pictures. I was originally lead to believe that the problem was the gutters, but I had the gutters cleaned and extended and water is still finding its way in. My primary concern is stopping the water, and I was wondering if anyone had experience using "pipe penetration kits"...here's a link to an example: Emecole Pipe Penetration Repair Kit for Foundation Walls - Pipe Fittings - Amazon.com

It seems too easy....
My other concern is that the soil around the sewer line is eroding. It appears that a hole has started near the foundation where the sewer line runs in....How big of a problem is this? What can I do to remedy it? The repair kit may keep the water out of the pipe protrusion, but will it cause me other problems? I.e. enter the foundation somewhere else, or cause erosion problems...especially around the sewer line.

I would love some advice about experiences with the kits and other potential solutions. I've attached some pictures
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I've never seen or tried the kit you linked. Generally though water problems are best addressed outside. Inside is often a Band-Aid fix at best. I'd start with the usual water in basement things like make sure the gutters are clean and working and that all downspouts lead well away from the house. Make sure the ground around the house is graded to direct water away.

I'm concerned that you have a hole forming in the ground above the sewer line. Addressing drainage issues may solve it but the dirt has to be going somewhere. How was your sewer line inspected? It may be draining but you could have a hole in it allowing the water to wash dirt in. Have you removed the clean out cap in your photo and looked down the pipe with a flashlight? I would look for a hole, crack or open joint that might be letting dirt and water in.
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We did a video inspection of the sewer line. It had been recently replaced, and looked good all the way to the city main. I ended up cleaning out one of the downspouts, but unfortunately the rain we got last night also entered at the same place. The gutters seem to be working, and we only get intrusion when we see significant rain. My new theory is that the water collects at the downspout, enters the ground and travels the pipe back to the house and into the basement. I'm going to start digging this weekend.
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The first thing I would do is use some hydraulic cement around the hole as I see your sewage line is mounted on your wall. The hydraulic cement will help to keep the water from entering you house. You don't need too much just enough to pack in the hole and level with the rest of the wall. When you add water to the hydraulic cement make it the consistency of cookie dough and really pack that cement in really good so use whatever you can to push it as far back as possible. Work fast though as it sets up fairly fast so you may want a helper to mix the cement.

You may also want to buy covered drain pipe and extend your water from your down spout to a dry well. The covered pipe you dig a trench for and then use pvc pipe and run that to your underground pipe. Also consider better gutters what you have sounds like the traditional type of gutter without a cover. They do make a type of gutter that is all in one with a built in cover and I can say that they are great at keeping water out of a basement. We have them at our primary residence and a house we rent that was getting water in the basement. Those old gutters looked good but really were not.
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