Fixing Leak in the Wall

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Fixing Leak in the Wall

I have some seepage coming into my basement and am trying to find the source. I was hoping to get some opinions on a couple of questions. First, some pictures.

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In the first picture there's a pipe entering in to the basement. I'm not sure what it does; I think it used to be a main shut off but doesn't seem to do anything at this point. Somebody came out to look at our basement and said that the leak was coming from the pipe because the brown stains are water damage. I'm a bit skeptical because when I ran a hose by the corner of my house for 10-15 minutes, I could feel moisture a little to the right (behind the foam panel) but didn't see anything coming in there. Any opinions on whether the stains indicate that that's where the leak is?

I've also been told by a couple of contractors that my best best would be to put up plastic sheeting on the walls. I should mention that I do have an interior french drain, so I think the idea is to force the water to actually go into the drain. It seems like the foam should have done that as well but didn't. Was it not glued properly? Would the moisture coming in have cause it to become unglued? You can hopefully see that the bottom of some panels are not attached to the wall in the second pic. (Also, I've found a fair number of leaves behind the drywall, which seems like it should tell me something but I don't know what to make of it).

Many thanks for any advice!

P.S. -- Final question. Is there an easy way to tell if my foundation is cinderblock? One of the gentlemen who came out said it was but it's not clear to me how he could tell.

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Never a good idea to wall-in a water valve without providing an access panel in the wall. Do this when you repair the wall.
You can tell if you have a cinder block foundation by looking at an unfinished part of the basement or at the bottom of the siding on the outside. If you see a mortar seam every 8 " horizontally, you have a cinder block foundation.
If the wall in picture 1 is an exterior wall, my guess is surface water is going between the ground and the foundation and seeping inside around the pipe. Eliminate the surface water congregating on the outside, especially in the area of the this pipe. Also try sealing between the pipe and foundation from the inside.
If the wall in picture 1 is an inside wall look for a leak in or around the pipe on the other side of the wall. Good luck

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