New Tub Floor Support (need advice)

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New Tub Floor Support (need advice)

My attic has 2 by 6 floor joists and they are roughly 16 inches apart.
the tub I am looking to install weighs 108 lbs. it is a drop in tub and I will need to lift it 8 inches to plumb it to a macerating pump. it contains 86 Gallons of water which is 717 lbs totaling about 900 lbs before putting one or two people in it...

should i worry about this ? or should i just go ahead and install it?
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Whole bunch of questions.
Did you get a permit for this?
What's the spans of those 2 X 6's, unless it's about a 6' span that's way to narrow.
Does that attic have a code approved stairway, egress windows, if you adding a bathroom you most likely have bedrooms up there, are they permited?
Sorry to sound like I'm giving you a hard time but I see this all the time, look at all the wasted space up here, lets build some rooms, way more to it then that to make it legal and not cause issues on that floor and the ceiling below.
Adding your location to your profile also would be a big help, no one wants to know what street you live on just the state would be great.
You could be any place on the planet for all we know.
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Most attics were not built to take that kind of weight. That said, I would hesitate to move forward without the blessings of a structural engineer (of which you will not find on line). It would involve an on site inspection and review to verify your game plan.

Aside, why do you need a macerating pump in an attic?
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Hey, the guy just wants to macerate stuff that might fall into the new tub.

Like grapes, for when he makes wine up there.

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