How far should you drive a sheetrock screw?

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I just read on this site's home page that when you hang sheetrock and use nails, you should not break the paper surface. Now, if I am using screws, how deep should I countersink them? I always thought you had to sink them in quite a ways to allow the mud something to hang onto. Is it different for walls than for ceilings?

Thanks for your help in advance. This forum is great.
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Sheetrock screws should be embedded far enough so if you run a tape knife over them, it does not make contact, yet not too far that they rip the paper. Sears and probably Home Depot sell a bit that goes on the end of a cordless drill that is designed to set the screw to the perfect depth with out ripping the paper. It is a small philips bit that extends from a flange. It is a real time saver as you don't need to think about how far to set the screw.
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Thanks for the response. I just happened to pick on up yesterday while I was at home depot. I appreciate you clearing that up for me.
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Drive it deep enough to indent the face of the rock but not tear into the paper. You want to make sure that the sheetrock is flush against the stud (which is why the "pros" set the clutch on their drills and drive til it stops), so I usually give at an extra hair or two. Sometimes if I do break the rock face, I set another screw a couple inches from the deep screw.
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TLDot, Thanks again. I am all over it now. hahaha
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I have was a tapper/boarder for 11 years before being disabled in accident.
It is best to rent a drywall screw gun, it will counter sink for you has reverse for removing screws, also l have heard people having problems with dimple bits in drills.
1/2 inch drywall use 1 1/4 drywall screws, 5/8 drywall use 1 1/2 inch screws. You may get by with dimpler in a drill but l think reversable drywall screw gun rents for $ 6.00/$ 7.00 a day well worth it, need any info on drywall/sheetrock email me l will help with anything you need. james1
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When a rock hanger is working at driving screws the gun does not shut off. The bit "rolls out" when it is driven far enough. A drywall gun has a dimpler built into them. If you buy a dimpler bit for a drill it should do the same thing.............but that is not always possible. That is why there are adjustable clutches on cordless drills.

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