Radon Issue


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Radon Issue


When we first bought our home, we were basically told everywhere in the county had high radon in the soil, etc. I did not worry much about it

Now that we have two small kids, and a little more money, I decided I better look deeper. I purchased one of those small test kits and sent it in. The results were that we had a 9 reading? (PCI I believe was the unit)

I did place it right near the furnace and sump however, which I now realize was not in the instructions, which said to place it in the middle of the basement.

In any case - I am wondering if anyone has a sensible plan of attack. I hate to call in a specialist as I am certain they will try to sell me everything under the sun with the fear technique.

Should I buy another test kit? Should I attempt to seal in our sump crock? We also have a floor drain in the utility room near the furnace. I also do not have great fresh air flow in this room, which I know I need to fix, and also add a cold air intake in my basement, which currently has none, although it has two heat registers. We finished the basement since buying the house, so I have a few things to tighten up.

Anyway, does anyone have any recommendations on where to start with radon mitigation, and how serious to take it?

Thanks very much from a radon rookie

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Hi Nathan,
Concerns will vary from ignore it to sell it, but if it is there I feel we should put something in place to reduce it. Better to find out 20 years from now that that was a good idea than to find out not taking action was a bad idea.

Some new homes with unknown readings will incorporate a passive approach where a fan can be added later if the readings are high.

It wouldn't hurt to get a couple of estimates, just hide your checkbook as you are correct, they are also sales people. Ask about a passive approach where you could wait to see if it helps.

Even if you take another reading they will probably want their own numbers.

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How seriously to take it? According to the American Cancer Society radon is the second greatest cause of lung cancer: 20,000 deaths per year. Cancer risk increases 16% for every 2.7 increase in radon. BTW, risk is greatest for pre-schoolers. If that's not enough, how about links between radon and childhood leukemia

You say the basement is finished. That to me means the family spends time down there. That's an extra concern.

Certainly get another test and, if it's greater than 4, take action.

I'd get several professionals in and get estimates. You'll find there's a variety of solutions.

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