Crawl Space Improvements


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Crawl Space Improvements

Crawl space issues...current crawl space is about one half below grade and is below two first floor bedrooms, one bathroom. The space has dirt floor covered in two layers of poly sheeting. The walls are cement block, not covered or insulated. There are three vents in the walls that are sealed shut. Along with electricals, there are sewer, water lines to the bathroom attached to the ceiling. The hot water heat lines (with fin tubes on them) go thru the width of the space along the ceiling. The ceiling above space is not insulated. The entrance to the space has a low speed fan in it to vent/neat the space? Any ideas ob how I could or should improve situation appreciated.
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Basically you have the worst of the worst. Closed up vents, no encapsulation and no communal heat/air conditioning in the area. The vents were put there for a reason. They are now closed and you have to adjust things. 6 or 10 mil plastic on the floor and up on the walls to the sill area adhered with HVAC mastic is best. Tape all plastic seams with a product made for it or Tyvek tape. Ideally there would be foam adhered to the walls as a moisture break. Floor joists should be insulated with vapor barrier facing up to the living space. No idea what "fin tubes" are. The fan is doing little good since it has nothing to draw from. Remember you closed up the vents.

There are two schools of thought (maybe more) so hang in there for others to comment.
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fin tubes

The fin tubes are one the hot water radiant heat lines that run thru the crawl space to the radiant heaters in rooms above. My guess they were to heat?the crawl space during heating season

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Two options:
1. Seal the space from the outside, insulate the walls and open the space to the conditioned air of the home.
2. Seal the space from house air, insulate the ceiling and open the vents to the outside.

Option 2 is seen more down south, we here in the north tend to go with option 1. In your case, since you have water lines in the space, I think you have to go with option 1.
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