Door framing question


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Door framing question

Hi forum, first post here-

I'm DIY remodeling my basement, my question is about framing for a non-bearing interior wall door for a closet or bathroom, can i use this flat 2x4 nailed right into the king stud with no jacks?

from NJ here.

thank you for any advice you can provide!

ive attached a picture-

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I thought the question was if double studs on each side was required, and I'm not positive but I don't think so but it's advisable for a bit more stability especially if a heavy door and used often though.

anyway, your 'header' flat nailed into the studs is perfectly fine. Have passed inspection ~100 times like that, you can even use metal track framing cut as a |_| (or upside down like that). You don't' even need the cripple stud up top because the gap is less than 16", but is good if a board breaks on that location at 4' to screw the drywall edges to.
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but I wouldn't put a full drywall board on that and then cut away all the area that's inside the rough opening. I'd just put two pieces on each side and then drywall the header. I would not waste that cripple block in the center, I woulda put one block on each side against the king studs so you have something to screw the edge of the drywall to because the edges of drywall need screws every 8" (7" on ceilings), and the distance from top plate to header looks close to 8" so would add blocks if 8" or above.

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