Cracked basement floor

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It's been 4 months since we moved into our NEW home.
We noticed that the basement (cement floor) already has
some cracks - stemming from the middle of the floor
towards the washing machine. We notified our builder
and he says it is normal.

The cracks are not that big but I wouldn't say it
is hairline either. Being a new home, there is/was
no water damage nor any significant dampness.

Should we be concerned? Should we get it fixed? If
so, how?

Thanks in advance for your help & opinions!
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Most of the new houses I've seen in our area have cracks in the floors. Mine has a whole network of them. :-) As long as there's no uneveness or settling, I don't think it's a problem.
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Are there any major cracks (originating from corners diagonally up) or horizontal in the foundation walls (where the walls are visible)? uneven settling in the foundation walls may exacerbate those cracks on the slab, otherwise i agree with the previous post, some hairline cracks on any slab are normal.
best of luck
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Thanks for the replies, folks. Much appreciated.

There are no uneveness - just small long cracks
from the washing machine(3 feet from wall) to the
center of basement. (not from corners)

The builder says all concrete needs to have cracks.
Even the walls on the side of the building/foundation
will have some cracks.

We were just concerned and wanted a second opinion.
We did not want to pay for future repairs/problems.

Thanks again.

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